Death Being Investigated of Woman who Took Yaz Birth Control

The Bayer AG company in Germany is having its Yaz Pill investigated by the Swiss Health regulator has part of the reason a woman may have died. The woman was said to die from the effects of a pulmonary embolism and had been taking the pill for ten months. These types of problems are the rare but serious side effects of taking hormone-based contraceptives such as Yaz. It is true that just because this one woman may have died due in part as a result of Yaz, that not all woman are at risk by taking Yaz. This story though among others makes people start to wonder why the Bayer Company tried to cover up the serious side effects of this pill. Is it because money truly talks and Yaz is a huge money maker for Bayer? Or is it because all birth control pills have their risks so they did not see the need to mention them? Or finally is it because they really did not think the risks of this Yaz Birth Control pill were that serious? Whatever the case, people should know all the risks of any medicine they take, big or small, no matter how good the medicine may be or how much money the company may make. Consumers have the right to know what they are consuming.

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Toyota Owners: Check your Floor Mats. It Could Save Your Life

Many of you might be wondering why checking your floor mats could save your life. After all the idea of a floor mat being dangerous seems a bit silly at first. That however, was not the case for a family driving on a California highway with a stuck accelerator and no brakes. This is what happened to passengers in San Diego in August and has now promoted Toyota to recall 3.8 million vehicles the biggest U.S. recall due to floor mat hazard. Apparently the removable floor mats found in many Toyota vehicles have the potential to cause accelerators to get stuck, leading to crashes. Toyota is working with the National Highway Safety Administration to fix the problem and that for now owners should remove the floor mats and not replace them until the problem is fixed. If the floor mat is under the pedal, this may lead to the accelerator getting stuck and lead to possible car crashes and injuries. So check those mats and stay safe!

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Yasmin Birth Control is a Money Maker but is it truly Safe?

Every one might remember the catchy “We’re Not Gonna Take it” and “balloons” commercials for the Yasmin or Yaz Birth Control pill. We may even remember all the benefits the pill was said to provide the consumer with, but what we may not remember is the listing of the dangerous side effects the Yasmin or Yaz pill could cause. This is because the commercials for Yaz overstated the pill’s effectiveness and understated the serious side effects that go along with it. This violates the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as well as the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines.

The marketing by Bayer Healthcare for Yaz or Yasmin was great. It brought in millions of dollars for the company and it may have been some of the company’s best marketing. What the company failed to market or to take into consideration is that all birth control pills including this one have serious side effects including: blood clots, stroke, heart attack, and even death. These commercials failed to let consumers know the seriousness of these side effects and now the company may pay in a big way.

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Tylenol voluntarily recalls Some Medications due to Possible Contamination

Tylenol has recently decided to voluntarily recall more than a dozen infant and children’s medications due to possible contamination.  Bacteria was detected in one of the inactive ingredients and though it was not detected in the finished product, Tylenol decided to recall the products after consulting with the Food and Drug Administration as just a precaution.  B cepacia bacteria was detected in a portion of raw material that was not used in the finished product, but as a precaution Tylenol decided to pull any product containing this raw material from the shelves and recall it. These recalls were made between April and June of 2008 and include the following Tylenol products: Children’s Tylenol plus Cold MS suspension grape, Children’s Tylenol Suspension Grape, Children’s Tylenol Suspension Bubble Gum and Strawberry, Infant’s Suspension Drop 1 ounce grape, and Children’s Tylenol plus Cough and Runny Nose Cherry. The recall is only on liquid Tylenol products.

If you have questions about this recall, please call the McNeil Consumer Call Care Center at: 1-800-962-5357.

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Is your Teen Safe Driving Their Own Car?

Many teens especially in this country consider it a right to have their own car when they are old enough to drive and have passed their test. A new study reported by MSNNBC,  from researchers at a Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia and State Farm Insurance Companies though finds that one in four teens that drive their own cars are more likely to get in an accident than those that share a car. This study also found that parents who set clear rules and guidelines about driving are less likely to get into a car accident. This is why it is important both as a parent and a teen to know about driving safety and to know the rules and guidelines you should follow as a teen driver. Some of these rules may include:

  • Signing a contract with a parent about responsible driving

Signing a contract with parents will let both teens and parents know the rules and guidelines and are prepared to face the consequences if that contract is broken.

  • Choosing a car that your teen can handle driving

Choosing a car that is the right size and type for your teen and one that have received plenty of practice on and know how to use will help make them safer.

  •  Not using a cell phone while driving

Cell phones being used while driving just create more distractions and result in even more accidents than those that do not use cell phones while driving.

  • Not allowing Teens to have passengers at night

More accidents can happen at night with teens and it is a good idea to eliminate more distractions but not having passengers after 9pm.

  • Making  sure Teens have plenty of sleep before Driving

If your teen has not gotten plenty of sleep and rest before driving, have them ride with a group or offer to take them where they need to go.

These tips for both teen drivers and their parents, can help make for less teen driver statistics and help your teen not to be that one in four teens in a car accident.


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Is that Bed your Child is sleeping in Safe Enough?

Products get recalled everyday due to broken or breaking pieces, but we trust the products that we buy to keep us safe and to protect us. As parents we also expect the bed we tuck our kids into to be safe and to protect them. The sad truth is that may not always be the case.

On Wednesday September 23, 2009, the U.S. Product Safety Commission recalled Bunk Beds due to collapse and fall hazards.  They are wooden bunk beds and about 20,000 of them are being recalled due to these hazards.  The bunk bed mattress support slats can break possibly causing the bed to collapse and the consumer to fall. Big Lots Inc received fourteen reports of the supports cracking or breaking and four reported minor injuries. The defective products being recalled are wooden bunk beds with a three step ladder.  Their model numbers are: WP 91081 and WP 91082. These were sold at Big Lots stores from May 2008 until February 2009. The defective product should stop being used immediately and be reported to Big Lots for a free repair kit.

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Film about Health Care Reform and What Went So Wrong

There has been so much debate about health care reform, that now there is even a film about it. This film will be called Money Driven Medicine and is produced by Alex Gibney and is based on a book also called Money-Drive Medicine by Maggie Mahar. This film will show that the U.S. has spent more on health care when it becomes an emergency situation and less money on how to prevent diseases and sicknesses in the first place. It will talk about how we might receive more medical care, but not necessarily better medical care. Based on how the Health Care reform debate is going on now, this may be right. This country has many resources and all the technology for good medical care, but it seems as though we wait to use it until patients come in seriously ill with chronic problems or illness. If we spent more time preventing the abuse and injuries going on in nursing homes, or with consumer products, or even with driving safety than maybe we would not have to spend so much about expensive medicines and technology and there may not be as many medical malpractice lawsuits. So instead of focusing on more care, maybe the debate needs to focus on ways to prevent injuries, abuse, and sicknesses in the first place. If this country did that, maybe we could save enough money to get everyone health care and proper medical care. We need to focus more on patients and less on expensive medicines and equipment and how to cut costs. Without patients to care for, we won’t need all that, so patients need to come first. They should always be the first concern.

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How to look for Good Long Term Care Facilities

When a family member or loved one needs care but it has become too hard for you or your family to give it yourself, you want to find the best care possible for your loved ones. Too many times we hear stories about people that go to this nursing home or to that one and end up with injuries, are abused, suffer from malnutrition, have bed sores or other problems. Unfortunately, these are not just stories. These things happen to millions of elderly people every single day. If you want to make sure you are taking your loved one to a “sage” or high quality care facility, there are couple things you can do. You can talk with friends and neighbors about places they have tried and get a general idea of what to look for and then you can go online to

On this website you can search for nursing homes by state, city and more and then it will bring up a list of nursing homes and how they are rated based on their overall rating, health inspections, nursing staff, and quality measures. This website also lists what insurance programs they participate in and whether or not the nursing home is non-profit. Once you have this list, you can begin calling places and asking to see the facility or even to spend a day with a resident who lives there. It is important to see what actually goes on at a long term care facility, so that you know you are sending your loved ones to a place where they will be treated well for any injuries or sores they may get and where measures are taken to prevent nursing home abuse and other problems. This way you can feel better about the care of your loved one now and in the future.

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If you feel that your loved ones have been a victim of nursing home abuse, please contact a nursing home abuse lawyer right away.
He will help you advocate for the rights of you and your loved ones, to get the quality care they deserve.

Tort Reform is Hurting More Than Helping

As the health care debate continues, so does tort reform. While some efforts have been made to help protect patients and their rights, there is still tort reform that is trying to cut costs and because of this there are still many people that are unable to get proper medical care and unable to fight for their rights to it. If tort reform continues the way it has, it is hurting more people than it is or will help.  Cutting costs and providing coverage for everyone is a great idea, but it is only great if it actually helps people to get the care they need and to have the services they need to fight for proper medical care if it is not given.  They are still many people being injured daily because of medical errors and malpractice. They are still many elderly being abused in nursing homes due to improper medical care. It is great that programs are trying to be put in place to cut down on medical malpractice lawsuits but what about just cutting down on the actual malpractice? If patients receive proper medical care, including checkups, treatments, evaluations and more, then we can worry less about lawsuits because the medical care will be better. Until medical errors are dramatically reduced and programs are put in place for more adequate medical care than people still need malpractice rights and lawyers to help them advocate for their rights to proper medical care. Tort reform may try to cut costs all it wants, but people still need their rights and one of these rights is their right to sue for medical malpractice. These rights are there to help those hurting.  Tort reform has only hurt more and not helped.

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FDA requires Strongest Warning Label on Nausea Drug

On Thursday September 17th the Food and Drug Administration required that the strongest warning label be placed on a nausea drug known as Phenegran. This new warning label is due to the fact that after Diane Levine took this drug through an IV push for migraine related nausea and it then led to infection and gangrene. This caused her to have to have her lower right arm amputated. She sued the drug company Wyeth claiming that the warning label was not sufficient enough to warn against the effects of this drug especially in an IV push. This case made it to the Supreme Court and won Diane 6.7 million dollars. This then led to the FDA requiring this strong warning. This will warn users and medical professionals about the possibility of gangrene and also to let them know that IV drugs should be used in low doses and low concentration. This warning is the FDA’s strongest and is called a “black box” warning. The Court agreed that having the Food and Drug Administration’s approval and new warnings help cut down on medical device lawsuits.

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