Adding Your Child’s Teacher to the Cleft Palate Care Team

The birth defects attorneys of the Mininno Law Office would like to share with you some advice about preparing your child with a cleft lip/palate for school. There are many things you may want to communicate with your child’s teacher. First and foremost, in as tactful a way as possible, let the teacher know that your child is an individual, not a diagnosis. Other children will naturally be curious, because your child’s appearance may be different, but the teacher can make this a positive experience by respectively educating the other children about the birth defect, as well as making your child feel more welcome.

new jersey philadelphia Birth Defects Attorneys school tips children oral cleftsIt is also important to let the teacher know that your child may have hearing issues tied to the cleft palate, which should be considered if the teacher believes the child isn’t listening. Lastly, try to encourage the teacher to maintain an open line of communication, as the first years of school are most likely going to shape your child’s self-image strongly, and it should be as positive as possible. Teachers are generally compassionate people, so adding your child’s teacher to your care-team along side your doctors, birth defects attorneys, and other professionals is a great idea.

Birth Defects Attorneys In New Jersey and Philadelphia

Now that your child is getting ready for school, you may be asking yourself if you need birth defects attorneys. The simple truth is that in a great portion of cases there is no one to blame for the development of the birth defect as it was caused by natural forces. However, in some instances, there are external forces at work which may have affected your child’s development. For instance, the FDA has recently announced that Topamax (Topiramate) has been linked to an increase in the development of a cleft lip/palate by 21 times the normal rate.
If you believe that Topamax may have been a factor in the development of your child’s cleft lip/palate please do not hesitate to contact us. Our lawyers are experienced and in many cases can help achieve financial judgments that can help your family.

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