Nursing Home Employees Arrested for Cruel Prank

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Nursing Home Abuse is a disturbing trend plaguing the long term care facility industry.
On Wednesday, August 4th, six nursing home employees at the Valley View Skilled Nursing Facility in Ukiah, California were arrested on misdemeanor criminal charges for a cruel and abusive prank they played on a select number of residents.

According to a release from the Attorney General’s office, each of the six employees greased up the bodies of their patients with slippery ointment cream at they end of their shift so they would be slippery for the oncoming shift of workers. The residents that fell victim to this nursing home abuse were chosen because they suffered from an advanced level of dementia and could not fight the treatment.

The charges filed against the workers include injury to an elder or dependant adult; battery committed on an elder or dependant adult; conspiracy; and battery committed while on hospital property. Attorney General Jerry Brown said, “As part of a cruel and and shocking prank, these caregivers abused defenseless elders. This dispicable behavior by people placed in a position of trust.

Nursing Home Abuse and the Mininno Law Office

This form of nursing home abuse is truley disturbing. These six employees turned sick, elderly residents whose care they were responsible for into the butt of a joke. Clearly, they had no respect for those they were caring for, the facility in which they worked, and the work they were supposed to do.
The Mininno Law Office takes a strong stand against this depraved and awful behavior. Nursing Home Abuse is all too common, and we must fight against the entities that allow it to continue.

If you or a loved one have sufferend the effects of nursing home abuse, contact the Mininno Law Office. Let our New Jersey and Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys help you get the compensation you deserve.
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