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If you’ve come across this page, you’re likely mourning from the wrongful death of a loved one. We can’t begin to imagine what you’re going through, but we do know that you’re experiencing all sorts of emotions, and we hope that you have a support group of family and friends to help you through this difficult time.

If you’re mourning from the wrongful death of a loved one, it’s important for you to take as much time as you need to mourn your loved one and get through this time. You may find yourself with many questions — everything from funeral arrangements to grief counseling to wrongful death.

In a series of Q&As, we will answer questions and share resources to help you as you’re mourning from the wrongful death of a loved one. This is the first article. We’ll cover the mourning process, coping and making arrangements.

Know that others are mourning from the wrongful death of a loved one

Although this may not give you much comfort, you should know that you are not alone. Right now there are families who are going through exactly what you and your family are going through. Part of life is death and the grieving process. You’re not alone and there are resources that can help you and your family.

One great resource for someone mourning from the wrongful death of a loved one is the “Helping through the Grief” section on MotivateUs.com. You can scroll through nearly 40 pages of reader-submitted quotes and stories. Readers shared them to help people like you who are mourning from the wrongful death of a loved one.

What should I do first if I’m mourning from the wrongful death of a loved one?

Your first step should be to contact family and friends. Although it will be difficult, your friends and family will want to know about the loss. Use your closest friends and families to contact others. Obviously, people will be sympathetic and understanding. But, many times it is difficult to have to share your grief over and over again with each person who calls to express sympathy.

Sometimes it is easier to arrange for your friends and family to gather and share the loss. With so many things that must be done, ask your closest friends to help with the day-to-day activities that you simply may not have the energy or willpower to do. These people can help you take the first steps of this challenging process.

What grief counseling is available for people mourning from the wrongful death of a loved one?

Bereavement support groups or individual grief counseling can be a tremendous help. In New Jersey, Carol Burner offers individual grief counseling. You can learn more about individual services and group counseling opportunities on her website.

A national resource is a web page called Counseling for Loss – A Helpful and Loving Grief Site. The website breaks down the stages of grief and has a great resources page. In addition, the company offers counseling services. Offices are in Ohio, but you can make a phone appointment.

What arrangements do I need to make as I’m mourning from the wrongful death of a loved one?

First, you’ll want to get in touch with a local funeral home. To find the funeral home closest to you, please visit this directory of New Jersey homes. Once you’ve chosen one, the funeral home will help you take the next steps. The home will help you get together the paperwork and any other information they need.
You’ll be asked for information like birth date, birth place and relatives’ names as well as documents like birth and death certificates. The funeral director and staff can also help you arrange the details of the funeral process. They are your most valuable resources.

You’ll want to make sure you speak with the funeral home director to make sure the ceremony is carried out exactly as it should be. Be sure that your loved one’s wishes are carried out.

Who else do I need to contact?

It depends on a few things, like if your loved one was living with someone else or living alone. Here’s a short list to help you get started.

• Utility
• Landlord
• Phone company
• Creditors
• Banks
• Post office
• Social Security
• Insurance companies

Many times, credit card companies, mortgage and other creditors will offer a life insurance benefit that pays off the credit card balance upon death. You should ask each creditor about this benefit and if it is available. There are other possible tax and estate issues that can arise when a loved on dies. These issues are better addressed to your tax professional.

What if my loved one’s death was caused by the negligence of another? We can help

This is just the beginning of a long, emotional process. It’s important to take it one step at a time. “If the future seems overwhelming, remember that it comes one moment at a time,” said Beth Mende Conny.

Although this page was intended to give basic information and resources about the grieving process, many times families want to know what their legal rights are if a loved one’s death was the result of medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, a car crash or other negligence.

If you have more questions about mourning from the wrongful death of a loved one and/or wrongful death negligence claims, we’d like you to visit our other pages on these topics at www.minfirm.com. We hope we can help you.

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