Bed Sore Attorneys Get Justice for Philadelphia Girl’s Death

Danieal Kelly was a 14 year old handicapped girl who died a horrific and painful death after she was neglected by both her family and social service agencies. Bed sore attorneys say that in 2006, at the time of her death, the young girl weighed only 42 pounds. Kelly had not attended school in years and she could not walk or talk. In a time that she needed help the most, she was provided none. She was forced to spend almost all of her time in the same position, in the same bed, she had limited medical care, was often times not given sufficient food or water, and she suffered from severe, maggot infested bed sores.

Defendants in Kelly Neglect Case to Serve Big Time

bed sore attorneys in nj and paDaniel Kelly Sr., Danieal’s father, was convicted of child endangerment because he abandoned the young girl with a mother who he knew to be unfit. He made little-to-no effort to see his daughter and now the father now faces up to seven years in prison. Kelly’s mother, Andrea, is already serving 20-40 years in prison after she plead guilty to the charge of third degree murder.

Additionally, the city of Philadelphia had given Mickal Kamuvaka’s firm one million dollars to supervise some of the city’s families in need. The money was to be used for social workers to make regular visits. The jury determined that the private social services contractor failed in this duty by regularly skipping visits and they found the firm guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Kamuvaka is already serving a 17 year federal sentence for fraud, but now she will face up to an additional 25 years for this manslaughter conviction. Finally, bed sore attorneys say that Dana Poindexter, the man assigned to visit Kelly’s family, was found guilty of reckless endangerment and perjury. Bed sore attorneys say that he did not live up to his duties and rarely, if ever, checked in. Poindexter will now face up to 15 years in prison. Bed sore attorneys say that sentencing will occur in September and then justice will finally be done for young Danieal Kelly.

Bed Sore Attorneys of New Jersey and Philadelphia

If your loved one has recently suffered from a bed sore, you may have questions regarding your legal rights for bed sore attorneys. In cases where you suspect that neglect or mistreatment played a factor in the development of the bed sore, contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation. You may also call for a free consultation in New Jersey at (856) 833-0600, or in Philadelphia at (215) 567-2380.

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