Birth Defects Attorneys: The Danger of Topamax

Topamax (Topiramate) is a drug produced by two divisions of Johnson & Johnson that is prescribed for two conditions; epilepsy and migraines. For both conditions, the drug is used preventatively. It can not relieve seizures or migraines already happening, but, taken on a regular basis, can help to prevent them from occurring. Off-label uses of the drug, for which Johnson & Johnson and Ortho-McNeil Neurologics were sued and found accountable, include bipolar disorder, alcoholism, obesity, infantile spasms, myoclonic seizures, and absence seizures. Professionals realize that because of the wide disbursement of the medication, many different people have been affected by its side effects, and need to be informed and warned about the dangers of its use.

What are the Dangers of Using Topamax?

new jersey philadelphia topamax topiramate cleft lip palate birth defects attorneysA recent FDA announcement warned that using Topamax has been linked to an increase in the development of cleft lips and palates by over 21 times the normal rate. This side effect manifests in women who have taken Topamax while pregnant, or before becoming pregnant, but during child-bearing years. Topamax has been classified as a Pregnancy Category D drug, meaning there is positive evidence of human fetal risk, but usage of the drug may continue if medically necessary. If your child was born with a cleft lip, palate, or both, and you took Topamax while you were pregnant, or before becoming pregnant, it may be responsible for the development of your child’s birth defect.

Our attorneys caution you to consult your physician immediately, if you have not already done so, to discuss what these new dangers mean to you. Please note, that you should consult your physician before discontinuing usage of Topamax, as there may be complications associated with a rapid discontinuance.

Birth Defects Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

If your child was born with a cleft palate/lip and you were taking Topamax before or during pregnancy you are wondering what are your legal rights. You may also be wondering what the cost will be to have legal representation. Our experienced professionals are here to help. Contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation and consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia. You and your child deserve compensation, so please do not hesitate.

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