Medical Malpractice Attorneys Try to Settle on Behalf of Bereaved Family

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Michael Notarangeli is the executor of the estate of Elaine Notarangeli, a Massachusetts woman who was 72 years old when she passed away. The family urges that the delay in diagnosis and treatment of a necrotic bowel led to the woman’s death. Necrotic bowel occurs when there is a lack of blood flow to the region. The family agreed to attempt to negotiate an out of court settlement through mediation with the defendants, including Lakes Region General Hospital, as well as several other doctors. Medical malpractice attorneys generally attempt to settle cases more frequently than they take them to trial in order to provide compensation for their clients more quickly and to avoid the hassle of a long and extensive litigationprocess.

Settlements are the Optimal Solution

An enormous amount of civil lawsuits are settled long before they ever reach the courtroom and there is a good reason for that. The sooner the process comes to an end, the quicker a patient can be compensated for any injuries that have been sustained. Furthermore, medical malpractice attorneys find that as litigation drags on there are increasing costs. Courts are already backed up and it often takes years for a case to get before a judge. Such is the case with Notarangeli. If that a settlement is not reached, it is likely that the case will not be heard until 2013.

Lawsuits and all of their counterparts – preparation, discovery, and investigation – are quite costly. These costs can be avoided if a settlement is reached early on in the process, leaving a much larger amount to a patient in need of compensation. Settlements very often are more beneficial to a victim or a victims family, trying to move on from their tragedy and get on with life.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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