Medical Malpractice Lawyers Win Large Birth Injury Verdict in Illinois

An Illinois jury awarded $5.5 million dollars to a mother and her child for medical malpractice that led to the boy’s permanent brain damage.

Negligent Care Leads to Oxygen Deprivation and Permanent Disability

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys birth injury verdict illinoisEva Liberato was admitted to Westlake Hospital to deliver her baby in 2002. After hours of labor, she was given drugs to help induce contractions and dilation. The drugs caused the baby’s heart rate to slow and, instead of calling for the assistance of an obstetrician, her family doctor attempted to deliver the baby himself using, among other methods, forceps and a vacuum retractor.

The doctor ended up lodging the forceps in Eva’s uterine wall. When another physician stepped in to perform a C-Section, it was too late. Eva’s son Angel was born severely brain damaged due to lack of oxygen. Today, Angel cannot walk, talk, or feed himself. He will need constant, life long care.

Eva’s suit named the hospital, as well as the two doctors that attended her. The family doctor who initiated delivery was found to be most negligent, and the hopsital and second physican will also have to contribute seperate sums to the verdict. The money awarded by the jury will fund the expensive care required for the rest Angel’s life.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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