Medical Malpractice at Parkland Memorial Hospital Part I

medical malpractice new jersey philadelphia attorneys negligence parkland memorialParkland Memorial Hospital is the primary teaching hospital for the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, Texas. It allows residents to perform entire procedures with or without the supervision of attending physicians. According to their own patient safety officer, Dr. Angelique Ramirez, “[they] harm two patients a day in a significant way.”
These medical malpractice events lead to prolongation of hospital stay, need for ICU care, permanent harm, or death.

It is not unusual at Parkland for residents and even med students to make diagnoses and provide key care for patients. These students may or may not be doing so under the guidance of attending physicians or UT Southwestern faculty.
In the case of patient Jessie Mae Ned, these unsupervised doctors-in-training committed severe medical errors, causing her to undergo 26 surgeries after a simple knee replacement in August of 2008. A poorly kept medical chart, including ambiguous details and phantom signatures, made it very difficult to know exactly what happened to Jessie Mae Ned after her first surgery, but it is certain that medical malpractice and negligence did occur. Complaints and symptoms were overlooked entirley, leading to a tragic outcome.

Medical Malpractice by Providers Not Qualified to Provide

How is it possible that mere students have the ability to care for patients without the supervision or counsel of qualified and experienced physicians? Patients lives are at stake, and yet Parkland Memorial sees it fit to leave those lives in the hands of the least prepared within the facility.
Part II of this blog will focus on the shocking course of events for Jessie Mae Ned following her knee replacement surgery.

NJ and PA Medical Malpractice Attorneys

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