Nursing Home Abuse

Each day, the most vulnerable people in our society, our senior citizens, are abused in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. When this happens, the victim’s family is angry, scared and uncertain about who they should turn to and what they should do. Usually, a nursing home abuse lawyer is not the first person you would think to call if you believe a loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse.
However, calling a New Jersey nursing home attorney might be your most important step in both preventing future abuse and making a wrongdoer pay for neglecting your loved one.

Aren’t nursing homes “charitable” places that offer protection to senior citizens who cannot otherwise protect themselves?

No, nursing homes are not “charitable” places; they are businesses trying to make money. Corporate nursing home empires may claim that they’re committed to quality care of residents, but often, that’s not the case. When they are accused of neglect, they may become defensive and angry. Instead of focusing on caring for our elderly loved ones, some nursing homes are leveraging a patient’s life and health as a commodity to be traded on the market.

How do I know if my loved one was the victim of nursing home neglect?

While some cases are straightforward, most cases can be complicated. But unless you have dealt with many nursing home cases, you simply will not know what to look for to determine if your loved one was a victim of nursing home abuse.
Why wonder? Seek the advice and counsel from an experienced New Jersey nursing home lawyer at no charge.

What should I do if I am uncertain whether my loved one was the victim of nursing home neglect?

Even if you only have the slightest suspicion, call us or e-mail us and we will have a New Jersey nursing home abuse lawyer answer your questions. We will listen to your story, review medical records, and explore and analyze the issues surrounding your situation so you can better understand whether you have a nursing home abuse case. All of this comes at no cost to you.

There are very strict deadlines for filing a nursing home suit. Therefore, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

What will a nursing home abuse lawyer do for me?

Step One: Determine if there’s a nursing home neglect or abuse case

At the Mininno Law Office, we will have your case reviewed by medical professionals. These professionals will go over your medical history, records, operative reports and medical tests to see if you have a strong case for nursing home abuse or medical negligence.

Step Two: Determine if you need an attorney

If you have a case of nursing home abuse or neglect, the firm will invite you and your family to meet at the firm’s offices to have an open and honest discussion about the merits of your case. All of your questions and concerns will be answered and then you and your family can decide if the case should be filed.
If you decide to proceed, the Mininno Law Office will then notify the proper people and make sure that you are protected from day one.

The certified civil trial lawyer will work with the insurance companies, your doctors, the hospital system and/or medical law system to find out what your rights and legal options are. While the victim fights to recover from the nursing home abuse or neglect, the nursing home abuse lawyer will fight for the victim’s legal rights.
We will help you explain your situation to your bill collectors and make sure that any medical bills are properly submitted to your insurance carriers for payment.

When you come to the Mininno Law Office, you will receive a free case evaluation or consultation with our team. They will be able to break down the details of your case and determine if you need a nursing home abuse lawyer.

What are some warning signs of nursing home abuse or neglect?

Many times, an elderly nursing home resident will be diagnosed with one or more of these conditions:

• Bedsores or open wounds
• Unexplained bruises, cuts, burns, sprains or fractures
• Falls in shower, out of bed or out of chairs, resulting in injury
• Urinary tract infection
• Dehydration, malnutrition or weight loss
• Bowel impaction
• High staff turnover
• Unexplained venereal disease or genital infections; vaginal or anal bleeding; torn, stained or bloody garments
• Loss of resident’s possessions
• Refusal or delays to have visitation with the resident
• Resident not allowed to be alone with a visitor
• Over-sedation or overuse of restraints
• Sudden changes in the resident’s will, bank accounts or other financial documents

The nursing home or assisted living facility will usually deny neglect, and say, “Well, your grandmother was very old and ill.” The home or facility may also say, “We cannot watch these patients every moment.” These conditions are red flags that nursing home neglect may be occurring.
A New Jersey nursing home lawyer has experience in identifying the well-known signs of nursing home abuse or neglect and can help you or your loved ones fight back.

Are bedsores a clear sign of nursing home neglect?

This condition is almost always a certain sign of nursing home neglect. That’s why a New Jersey nursing home abuse lawyer is dedicated to stopping pressure ulcers and bedsores. A New Jersey nursing home lawyer will know both the state and federal regulations that must be followed to prevent bedsores or pressure ulcers from occurring. If your loved one has developed a bedsore in a nursing home facility, you may have a case for negligence.

Continue reading about bedsores (pressure sores) cases in New Jersey and nursing home abuse.

How important is Nursing Home abuse to the Mininno Law Office?

The Mininno Law Office has a campaign to raise awareness for nursing home abuse and neglect and protect our senior citizens. The Mininno Law Office is committed to raising awareness when it comes to nursing home abuse, bedsore prevention and nursing home neglect.
We have written and published numerous public awareness and educational articles on these topics:

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Can I report a bad nursing home to the state authorities?

Yes you can, absolutely. A nursing home or assisted living facility that breaks the rules should be reported. We can help you file the report to ensure that the nursing home and especially your loved one’s care are investigated by the proper authorities. This investigation protects your loved one and other nursing home residents from abuse.
Below are some links to resources in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and elsewhere to report negligent nursing homes that commit abuse:

NJ nursing home reviews, violations and complaints
PA nursing home reviews, violations and complaints
National nursing home watch list – complaints and violations

How much will a nursing home abuse lawyer cost?

Generally, attorney fees are not cheap, and nursing home abuse lawyers know that defendants may not have the money to hire them. However, the Mininno Law Offices will work on “contingency fee basis,” which allows you to get the best legal representation available without having to pay up front. In other words, contingency is service now, pay later.

Another benefit of working on a contingency basis is that you do not pay legal fees unless and until you win. As a fee, the lawyer receives a percentage of your recovery as compensation. Most lawyers receive for 33 to 40 percent of your compensation. In the event that you do not win the case, if you’re working with a medical malpractice lawyer on contingency, you do not have to pay any fee. In other words, we work for free unless or until we are successful.

How long will my nursing home abuse or neglect case take and what else can I expect?

A nursing home abuse lawsuit is a battle. You can expect a long, tiring process. You must be prepared to answer written questions, some of them personal in nature, and be prepared to answer questions about your case at an attorney’s office.
But don’t worry. We will be with you the entire time to protect your rights. You may find yourself spending a large amount of time each day helping your attorney with the case. It’s a team effort.

These cases are usually not quick and simple. Sometimes they are resolved quickly, but it may take months or even years for a case to be resolved. However, if we do win the case, you are entitled to compensation. The exact amount of money you can recover can’t be determined without analyzing all information related to the nursing home abuse or neglect. Each case involves a different set of circumstances, and therefore different amounts of money.

The victim of nursing home abuse or neglect and his or her family may recover monetary damages for:

• Wrongful death damages
• Past and future medical expenses
• Future loss of earnings or reduced earning capacity
• Pain and suffering
• Costs of specialized care — including medical equipment, caregivers and aides, physical and emotional therapy and education
• Family’s out-of-pocket expenses for caring for the victim

If your loved one has suffered abuse that required medical attention and rehabilitation, an attorney specializing in nursing home abuse for cases can help you recover the expenses you incur as well as compensation for pain and suffering by presenting a strong case.

As far as receiving compensation, that depends on a number of factors such as how serious the abuse is and whether the case is settled or goes to trial.

Do you have any other questions? Get free help now

We have tried to answer some of the basic questions most people have when they consider whether they need a medical malpractice attorney. But, we are available to answer any other questions you may have. Just contact the Mininno Law Office by sending us a question on the form to the left and we will give you an answer.

Our experience has shown that elder care abuse is usually the result of failing to do adequate background checks on employees hired to care for the elderly. It is very important to know your rights in these situations. Put a stop to such abuse by immediately contacting our nursing home neglect attorneys in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.
If you would like to speak immediately with a New Jersey malpractice lawyer, you can call (856) 833-0600. If you would like to speak to a Pennsylvania lawyer, you may call (215) 567-2380.

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