Medical Malpractice Leads to Birth Injury in New Jersey

Just last month, a New Jersey jury delivered a $450,000 verdict in a medical malpractice case to the parents of a little girl who suffered a birth injury that resulted in Erb’s Palsy.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Warn Against Shoulder Dystocia

A previous Mininno Law Office blog post (Birth Injuries Caused By Shoulder Dystocia) described the effects of Shoulder Dystocia during birth. Shoulder Dystocia is a very avoidable birth injury that can lead to Klumpke Paralysis, Erb’s Palsy, or fetal hypoxia. The New Jersey case involved Shoulder Dystocia during child birth that lead to the tearing of the brachial plexis (a series of nerves coming out of the cervical spine and running down the arm) in a baby girl that now lives with Erb’s Palsy.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Advocate for Victims of Birth Injury

new jersey philadelphia Medical malpractice attorneys birth injury erbs palsy shoulder dystociaShoulder Dystocia occurs when the shoulder gets stuck behind the mother’s pelvic bone after the head exits the birth canal. Child births with high risk of shoulder dystocia include those of larger babies. In the New Jersey case, the baby weighed 9 lbs, and her mother weighed 300. It is also known that overweight mothers are more likely to give birth to heavier babies. Had an estimated fetal weight been made prior to the woman going into labor, a C-Section could have been discussed as an option. Instead, however, a vaginal birth was attempted, and after shoulder dystocia and excessive force by the OB/GYN, the little girl now suffers from from Erb’s Palsy.

Erb’s Palsy is a paralysis of the affected arm from shoulder to fingertips. Often, the condition requires close monitoring as it can also cause a delay in or stop to circulatory and muscle development in the arm. Skin healing also takes much longer, and the arm becomes much more susceptible to infection.

Nerve and tendon transfers are procedures often used to reverse the effects of Erb’s Palsy, as well as other procedures involving cutting and re-placing muscle. Normally, if full functionality has not been achieved by the age of one, chances are it never will be. Physical therapy can be utilized to help children and adults make the most of their handicap.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

A New Jersey or Philadelphia medical malpractice or birth injury lawyer will be necessary if your child suffered a birth injury to the negligence or bad judgement of a doctor. Only a medical malpractice or birth injury lawyer will be able to fight for you and your right to full and fair compensation.
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