Wrongful Death Suit Gets BP in Trouble Again

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Julius Provost died at 6 months old for 'undetermined' causes. His mother Sharon believes the cause was the benzene emissions for the BP refinery a mile away from their home.
In the wake of the biggest oil-spill our nation has ever seen, and the most devestating environmental catastrophe most of us will see in a lifetime, BP, who hoped to be out of the spotlight once wells were capped, finds themselves in hot water yet again. BP’s Texas city oil refinery is guilty of a 40 day release of Benzene in April and May that has allegedly claimed the life of 6 month old Julius Provost.
His mother, Sharon, is suing BP for Wrongful Death, explaining that that in his short life, Julius suffered. Doctors couldn’t explain or cure his ongoing symptoms; nausea, runny nose, mucus in his eyes, and difficulty breathing.

Sharon’s lawsuit is just one in a string of lawsuits resulting from the Benzene release. The suits call for BP to pay $10 million in punitive damages. Sharon’s wrongful death suit claims that the case demonstrates “the human suffering caused when the drive for corporate profits is more valued than the safety and lives of people.”

Just last week, BP agreed to pay a $50 million fine for not correcting safety hazards at the Texes refinery that caused in explosion in 2005 which took the lived of 15 workers. They are contesting another $30 million in additional penalties.

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Sharon lost the joy of being a mother, and Julius lost his life, due to BP’s alleged negligence and indifference towards citizens surrounding their plant. If you are suffering the loss of a loved one, and you believe their death could have been avoided, contact the Mininno Law Office.

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