Bed Sore Resources for Patients

This blog sets out resources for Bed Sore Patients. As was revealed recently, bedsores and pressure ulcers cost society over $50 Billion dollars annually. See the Bed Sore Costs Billions article (that’s a 50 with 9 zeros after it!)

Fortunately, there are many professional organizations dedicated to education, awareness and prevention of bed sores. For example, the National Ducubitus Foundation, is a leader in bed sore research. Organizations like the Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurse Society, the American Professional Wound Care Association, and the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) also work on publishing bed sore, pressure ulcer and nursing home abuse prevention guidelines for health care professionals.

The Mininno Law Office promotes bed sore awareness and patient advocacy. Check out Bed Sore Costs Billions, and Practical Tips for Avoiding Bed Sores.

The Mininno Law Office Ezine publication, Patients Advocate’s Guide to Preventing Bed Sores, has been widely distributed to bed sore patient families.

Check back each week for more bed sore and pressure sore resources.

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