Nursing Home Neglect Brings Criminal Charges to Facility Owner and Employee

In a shocking and rare turn of events, nursing home abuse has put an assisted living facility caretaker in jail for 31 months following the death of a resident.

Nursing Home Neglect in a Washington State Facility

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Jean Rudolph died in 2008 at age 87 due to infection caused by three stage 4 bedsores that went untreated.
Jean Rudolph, 87, was a resident at the Houghton Lakeview adult home in Kirkland, Washington. She suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as varied heart problems. She was virtually bedridden and had extreme difficulty verbalizing any complaints she may have had regarding pain or discomfort.

When Jean died, she weighed 68 lbs, and was being ravaged by infections caused by three untreated, stage 4 bedsores that had burrowed to her bones. A pressure ulcer on her hip revealed a hip joint jutting out of her body.
When her son was notified of the bedsores, after almost a month of severe neglect, he rushed his mother to the hospital where she died three weeks later.

Her caretaker, Effie Tutor, was sentenced to 31 months in jail for a felony count of first-degree criminal mistreatment. Nursing Home owner, Patricia Goodwill, plead guilty to second-degree criminal mistreatment. Prosecutor Page Ulrey has asked for a one year jail sentence.

Unbeknownst to Rudolph or her family, the Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) had previously cited Houghton Lakeview with a number of serious health and safety violations. After Rudolph’s death, the facility was closed down. Investigators are looking into another nursing facility that Goodwill owns in Washington. The DSHS is currently reviewing her conviction to determine whether or not she should be stripped of her license to run the other facility.

Are You a Victim of Elder Abuse or Nursing Home Neglect?

Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Neglect are a serious epidemic in today’s long term care industry. It’s a good thing that law enforcement and juries are seeing these as criminal offenses, and forcing punishments upon offenders.
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