New Regulations May Help Avert Nursing Home Abuse

United Press International recently reported that six states will be receiving government funding for programs they are to develop that will require criminal background checks for any applicant to a nursing home or long term care facility within the state.

National Background Check Program

new jersey philadelphia nursing home abuse attorneys new regulations may help avertingThe money will be distributed under the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act, and the National Background Check Program will begin in Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Missouri, and Rhode Island. Eleven additional states may be added to the program as early as November of this year.
The U.S. Government will spend 160 million dollars to administer mandatory criminal background checks in all 50 states.

These mandatory background checks will serve as a major weapon in the fight against nursing home abuse. Many times, employees at these facilities have histories of abusive behavior, theft, and fraud, multiple convictions of elder and nursing home abuse.
We should not have to entrust the care of our elderly loved ones to those who are soley interested in conning them out of their money, or who are not at all invested in the care they provide.

NJ and PA Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

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