Nursing Home Abuse Exposé: Kresson View Center

As New Jersey and Pennsylvania nursing home abuse lawyers, we are continuing our series of posts on the deficiencies and citations of some local nursing homes. The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, Division of Health Facilities Evaluation and Licensing posts the results of both their routine and complaint inspections. It is important to check these reports for any nursing home that you may be considering for your loved one. Today we are going to focus on a nursing home in Camden County. This nursing home, the Kresson View Center, is located in Voorhees, Camden County, New Jersey. It provides long term in-patient care for 240 residents.

Kresson View Center Fails Inspections

new jersey philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyers expose kresson view centerThe Kresson View Center had two routine inspections and 13 complaint inspections in the two year period from November 2008 through October 2010. The Kresson View nursing home was cited for a variety of deficiencies. These included the prevention and treatment of bed sores, medication errors of 5% or more, hazard and accident issues, and not being free from abuse/involuntary seclusion. The bed sore citation, although found to be isolated in nature, did show potential for more than minimal harm. The other above mentioned violations were found to occur in pattersn, and also showed the potential for more than minimal harm.

The Camden county facility of Kresson View was also cited in May of 2009 for a widespread deficiency involving sanitary conditions and food. The procurement, storage, preperation, and serving of food appeared to be unsanitary and potentially harmful. A deficiency is considered widespread when the scopes of the problems are pervasive in the facility and/or represents a systematic failure. A categorization of widespread refers to the entire facility population. These deficiencies can all be seen as signs of possible nursing home abuse and should be strongly considered before placing a loved one in the facility’s care.

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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One thought on “Nursing Home Abuse Exposé: Kresson View Center”

  1. My Grandfather was staying at Kresson View after he had to get his leg amputated right above his knee do to poor circulation back in 2003-2004. He was very healthy! He was only there for rehab until he was able to move around again. It was horrifying the way the people treated not only their patients, but the place itself! Millions of times we’d go there, and there would be pee on the floor from days before still sitting there. My grandfather fell out of his bed numerous of times and one time we heard him moaning when we walked in and he told us he’s been hitting the button for a nurse, but nobody came. They never fed him or changed his bedding. They never even moved him! God, I’m crying just thinking about it! My mom was always yelling at the front desk because of something they should’ve done or shouldn’t have done. My mom’s caught the nurses in numerous of lies also.

    Sadly, my grandfather caught the pneumonia and died. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE!

    Note: He never recovered from rehab due to the bad service from the nurses. He died of the pneumonia shortly after leaving there, but right after he left there he had to go straight back to the hospital. He was very weak after a while of being there and lost a lot of weight. My mom claims that The Kression View Center killed my pop-pop to this day. I was only 13 years old, but it’s something that will always remain in my memory. It makes me very upset just thinking about the times I went to visit him and how he lost so much weight due to the lack of eating because they never fed him. It breaks my heart. You will be receiving a call from my mom and she is willing to back anyone who has had a loved one who’s been through similar experiences.

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