Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Discuss “Granny Cams”

There has been some debate over the use of “granny cams” in nursing home facility patient rooms. As technology advances, more and more people are placing cameras in the rooms of their elderly loved ones in order to catch or prevent abuse. Our nursing home abuse lawyers have written about numerous cases of abuse that were discovered because the family suspected something was wrong and decided to place a hidden camera in order to prove suspected mistreatment.

The Debate over Hidden Cameras in Nursing Homes

new jersey philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyers discuss granny cameras Cases have been reported all over the country in which the use of cameras has helped catch abusive and/or negligent nursing home employees. There is still some debate, however, over the privacy issues with hidden cameras in patient rooms. Those against the use of cameras have said that they would,

  1. make hiring new staff more difficult;
  2. cause misinterpretations of incidents; and
  3. violate resident and employee privacy issues.

There are many facilities and individual advocates for the elderly that support the use of hidden cameras. Supporters argue that that the cameras are an effective way to monitor employees that mistreat the elderly residents. According to Georgia Anetzberger, president-elect of the National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse,

Cameras are used to catch people more than ever before, not just because the technology is there but because it’s more widely accepted.”

Texas is one of the few states that have created laws approving the use of cameras in nursing home facilities. Residents and their families have the right to place cameras if they choose. Patty Ducayet, the state’s long-term care ombudsman, said

I really do think it is a deterrent… People know you’ve got a device in your room…I think it does have the potential to influence the way someone behaves and cares for you in the privacy of your room.”

Even though the use of “granny cams” has increased, it is still a small part of the population that has opted to use the technology. Most families either do not feel that hidden cameras are necessary, or they don’t want to impose on their loved ones by constantly recording them in their rooms. But these cameras have been vital to the numerous cases of nursing home abuse that otherwise may not have been able to be proven. It should be the resident themselves and their families’ choice whether they want to place cameras in their rooms or not.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

If your loved one is currently a resident of a nursing home or care facility, we encourage you to visit frequently and be very observant of any scratches, bruises or anything that does not look right. If you are worried that the care they are receiving is negligent, abusive, or inadequate, contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation. You may also call for a free consultation with one of our nursing home abuse lawyers at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

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