Patients with Bilateral DePuy Hip Implants: Contact an Attorney

As New Jersey and Philadelphia DePuy hip recall lawyers, we have been posting DePuy hip recall information since the news was made public. We hope this legal information has been helpful to anyone affected by the recall.

Multiple Hip Implants, Multiple Surgeries, More Compensation?

new jersey philadelphia depuy hip recall lawyers Replacement ALL DePuy Hip ImplantsMost DePuy hip recall patients have had a single DePuy hip replacement. However, many times, an orthopaedic patient will require both hips to be replaced in a surgery called a bilateral hip replacement surgery. Unfortunately, for those patients who have had a bilateral hip-replacement surgery with the recalled DePuy hip implant, the recall is twice as troubling because these patients will require more extensive surgery to remove the two DePuy hips.

As New Jersey and Philadelphia DePuy hip recall lawyers, we have shared in previous posts the expert research recommending that any DePuy hip recall patient have their DePuy hip implant removed. Therefore, if you are one of the unfortunate DePuy hip recall patients that have had a bilateral hip replacement with a DePuy hip implant, the medical experts are also recommending that both DePuy hip implants be removed, even if only one DePuy implant is presently causing symptoms.

All recall patients deserve full and fair compensation for DePuy’s recalled hip implant. However, those DePuy hip recall patients who have had a bilateral hip replacement deserve significantly more compensation from DePuy because they will need to undergo twice the amount of pain, suffering, and disability, and will likely not return to their normal health which they enjoyed before their DePuy hip implant surgery.

DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

If you are the recipient of one or two DePuy hip implants, contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation. You may also call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia. The Depuy hip recall lawyers at the Mininno Law Office are eager to help recall victims earn the compensation they are absolutely entitled to.

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