Paula Deen’s Cookware sold on QVC may be great looking on TV but is it safe to use?

Many people know about Paula Deen’s cooking show and also the channel on TV QVC which sells various products to consumers. This person and this channel are very popular and well known by many people, so it may come as a shock that on October 2, 2009, Paula Deen’s Cast Iron Cookware was recalled by the U.S. Product Safety Commission due to possible burn and laceration hazards. This cookware can crack or shatter causing consumers to get burns or lacerations while using the cookware. QVC and Meyer Trading have reported 79 reports of the cookware shattering or cracking while being heated. This includes one consumer who reported a minor burn injury to their arm. This recall is on Paula Deen’s 11 inch cast iron grill pans and griddles. The item numbers are K14984, K11970, and K135024. The products are black and have Paula Deen logo and size engraved on the bottom. There was no other Paula Deen cookware involved in this specific recall. These items were sold through QVC television show, online at and through QVC retail stores between October 2007 and July 2009. Consumers should stop using this cookware right away and contact QVC for a full refund.

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This recall just reinforces how any consumer products can have their defectives and problems no matter what the product may be. If you feel that you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a defective consumer product, please contact a defective product attorney right away. They will help you get the care you deserve to have.

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