Nursing Home Neglect Leads to Homicide and Arson

Nursing home neglect and abuse are not always suffered at the hands of facility staff and administrators. Other residents can also pose a threat to your loved ones in nursing homes. It is the responsibility of the facility to provide enough staff to ensure the safety of all patients. Conflict is common when large groups of people are living and working in a confined area, but the staff needs to control the nursing home population from physically harming each other.

Man Dies From Burns Suffered During Argument With Other Resident

nursing home neglect in NJ and PAAccording to the New Orleans Police Department, a 42-year-old man died after suffering second and third degree burns at the St. Charles Health Care Center. Around 9 p.m. on August 2, 2011, the man, who was wrapped in gauze for treatment, entered into an argument with another resident, 72-year-old Joann Everett, when his dressing ignited in flames. The nursing home staff extinguished the fire before the firefighters arrived on the scene. The victim was taken to Baton Rouge General Medical Center where he was treated for the burns that covered 80 percent of his body. The man died the next day as a direct result of the burns he sustained. The New Orleans Parish coroner determined the death a homicide. Everett is in custody at a local hospital and will be arrested and charged with homicide and aggravated arson. Police have not stated what started the argument, how the man’s gauze caught fire, or the victim’s name.

The facility obviously could not control an argument between these two residents, but they should have stopped Everett from assaulting the man. If these two had a history of fighting, they should have had limited contact with each other. Although it is currently unknown to the public how Everett started the fire, she clearly possessed something dangerous that the home should have taken from her.

Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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