Nursing Home Neglect Very Dangerous to Alzheimer Patients

Nursing home neglect is very serious problems in this country and affect one of the nation’s most vulnerable populations. Within that already vulnerable population are those that are particularly vulnerable. These are the millions of people that suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

nj and pa nursing home neglect attorneysAlzheimer’s is a progressive neurological disorder that eventually leads to dementia. This dementia causes a significant loss of mental capabilities, which in turn causes memory loss that can interfere with social functioning. In 2000, 4.5 million people in the U.S. were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Of those diagnosed, 7% were between the ages of 65-74, 53% between the ages of 75 and 84, and 40% were 85 or older. Because of the severity of the effects of Alzheimer’s, many sufferers are forced to enter nursing homes to receive the necessary care, so it’s safe to say that a huge portion of residents in nursing homes are Alzheimer’s patients. It is expected that the rate of the disease will grow three-fold by the year 2050, with 13.2 million people being diagnosed.

Because the disease has such a profound affect on mental abilities, those suffering with Alzheimer’s need very specialized and careful care. People with this disease may not remember to eat or drink, or to move around enough to avoid becoming bed or wheelchair ridden. They may be on a number of medications, and end up over or under medicated. These are all issues that, if not properly regulated, can lead to dangerous results. Failure on the part of a nursing home to properly care for these very ill patients can be seen as nursing home neglect. Bedsores become a very real threat when bed ridden patients without the mental properties to care for themselves are not cared for by an attentive and dedicated staff. Bedsores are painful and potentially fatal, and can diminish the quality of life these patients have left.

Will the Rise in Alzheimer’s Lead to More Cases of Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse?

What will the rise of Alzheimer’s Disease diagnoses and the subsequent rise in nursing home patients mean for our loved ones? It is likely that, unless we are all very vigilant, the rise of patients in nursing homes will be accompanied by a rise in nursing home abuse and neglect. Bed sores and pressure ulcers, accidents, malnutrition, and other signs of neglect may become more prevalent. Nursing home neglect attorneys advocate for the proper care of nursing home patients, as should you. Protect your loved ones by visiting often and keeping a close eye on the the care they receive.

Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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