Bed Sores – Stage 1 and Early Prevention: Free Consultation

We believe that it is essential to notice warning signs of bed sores and pressure ulcers as soon as possible in order to limit potential health issues down the road. Although bed sores are vaguely noticeable on the skin in the early stages, these wounds can quickly intensify and significantly impact the health of individuals. Bed sore attorneys stress the importance of frequently changing positions, especially in hospital beds and wheelchairs, as well as frequent skin examinations to catch bed sores before they develop. The risks are great when dealing with pressure sores and early prevention is the only way to ensure the health of loved ones.

The Beginning Stage of Bed Sores

new jersey philadelphia bed sores lawyers stage one early preventionAs pressure sores begin to develop, the skin will remain intact. This may confuse people into believing that it is simply a skin rash rather than the development of something more severe. People with a lighter complexion will notice that their skin is becoming red. Individuals with darker skin may not notice any significant changes in the coloring of the skin. People will also notice that their skin will not blanch, or briefly lighten, when it is touched or pressure is asserted.

Finally, bed sore attorneys say that the location of the bed sore may bring about many different sensations in patients. The pressure sore could be painful as skin begins to deteriorate. The skin may also begin to feel increasingly firm or soft, which will differ among individuals. The site of the pressure sore may also feel warmer or cooler than the other surrounding skin. All of these different appearances and sensations should be a warning sign that a bed sore is beginning to develop and medical attention is immediately necessary. We firmly believe that this discomfort forces many people to realize that they are not suffering from a normal rash therefore they immediately seek help and hopefully prevent a tragic outcome.

Bed Sore Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

If you or a loved one has recently suffered from a bed sore due to improper medical care or neglect, it is possible that you would like to speak with a bed sore attorney. Please contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation, or call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

Bedsore Attorneys Inform of Common Sites of Bed Sore Development

Pressure sores, more commonly known as bedsores, are injuries to the skin and its underlying tissue. These sores arise due to persistent pressure on the skin for an extended period of time. Bedsores are most likely to develop on skin that is covering certain boney areas of the body (i.e. ankles or tailbone). Bedsore lawyers know that individuals who are confined to a bed or use a wheelchair run a higher risk of suffering from pressure sores.

Beds and Wheelchairs could lead to Increased Risks

new jersey philadelphia Bedsore lawyers common sites pressure sores developmentWheelchairs are a necessary means of mobility for many people worldwide. Although wheelchairs allow individuals to move freely from place to place, the extended period of time in the same position could lead to pressure ulcers. Those who rely on wheelchairs need to be weary of this potential. People who frequently use wheelchairs often suffer from pressure sores in a few sites in particular. The tailbone or buttocks, the shoulder blades and spine, and the backs of the legs and arms are common sites for bedsores to form. These areas of the body rest against the wheelchair for a prolonged period of time, creating a wound which slowly evolves through the bedsore stages.

People who are confined to a bed for extended periods of time are also at an increased risk of pressure sores. The back and sides of the head are a major concern of many bedsore attorneys because it can lead to significant pain and prove difficult to treat. Furthermore, the rim of the ears, shoulder blades, hips, tailbone, heels, ankles, and behind the knees are also susceptible to bedsores, due to the prolonged pressure and contact with the bed.

Bedsore Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

If your loved one has acquired bedsores while in a nursing home, or has had negligent treatment of a bed sore or pressure ulcer, immediately seek further medical attention. Our bedsore attorneys are dedicated to holding nursing homes responsible. Contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation or call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, and (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Stress Repositioning to Prevent Bed Sores

The most important thing to know about bed sores and/or pressure ulcers is that they are much easier to prevent than to treat, which is why prevention of bed sores is the best medicine. Consistent and proper care is the key to bed sore prevention. When a patient is in a nursing home or similar type of long term care facility, it is important that staff members are making sure appropriate care is utilized to prevent pressure ulcers. In fact, a care plan with input from the family would be ideal to help prevent the bed sores from occurring. It can be safely concluded that if a bedsore forms, nursing home abuse or neglect are taking place.

Repositioning is Vital for Bed Sore Prevention

new jersey philadelphia nursing home abuse attorneys stress repositioning prevent bedsoresFrequent changes in the patient’s positioning is supreme in the prevention of painful and potentially fatal bed sores or pressure ulcers. But repositioning offers no benefits if it’s not done properly. The nursing home caregivers must make sure that repositioning avoids stress on the skin. The nursing home staff must also make sure that vulnerable areas, such as knees, ankles, and hips are carefully placed. It is also important to regularly inspect the skin for the slightest irritation that can lead to a bed sore.

When a patient is in a nursing home with many other patients, it is imperative that family members make sure that abuse and neglect isn’t happening. One sure sign of nursing home abuse and neglect can be the acquirement or improper treatment of a bed sore. As we always indicate in our posts, you must be the advocate for your loved ones care and make sure nursing homes are doing their job with respect to your loved one!

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

Is your loved one a resident at a nursing home? Have they acquired a bed sore? Are you fearful that the care they are receiving may be detrimental instead of life-saving? Contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation, or if you have any questions regarding the legal rights of you and your loved one. You may also call at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.