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In a large number of law practice areas, the Mininno Law Office strives to meet clients’ needs and help them deal with the difficult challenges they face. Attorney John Mininno has experience in all of the categories below.
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Medical Malpractice – In this law practice area, we have worked with people who have suffered harm, injuries and death because of negligent care or a medical error. We ask medical professionals to provide the care we need, and they are expected to meet the standards of good medical care.

Surgical Errors and Complications – With the thousands of surgeries performed each year, errors and complications are bound to happen in this law practice area. People make mistakes, and unfortunately, in an operating room, the consequences can be devastating.

Birth Defects or Injuries – In this law practice area, we’ve helped parents caring for a newborn child after a birth defect or injury. Everyone hopes for a healthy birth, but birth defects and injuries do occur. Resources are available to help families in need.

Nursing Home Abuse – Time and time again in this law practice area, we’ve seen senior citizens abused in nursing homes and other facilities. A lawyer can help a family prevent further abuse to your loved one and make sure the guilty party takes responsibility for its actions.

Bedsores or Pressure Sores – This law practice area is connected to nursing home abuse. When a resident develops a bedsore in a nursing home, an experienced lawyer knows that it’s because of neglect or abuse. Nursing homes are responsible for preventing bedsores.

Personal Injury – If you’re looking for help with a personal injury case, you’re probably dealing with one of the most difficult challenges you’ve ever faced. We hope you have a support group of family and friends that can help you. We hope we can help you, too.

Wrongful Death – We put together a series of Q&As about this topic to help people who are mourning from the wrongful death of a loved one. Though we can’t imagine the pain you’re feeling, we know you’re experiencing many emotions and can help you answer some questions.

Defective Products – Manufacturers are expected to make their products safe and able to properly perform. If a defective product injures someone, that means a manufacturer was negligent. Products must properly warn consumers of possible dangers.

Trucking Accidents – According to our research, more than 1,000 truck crashes occur in the U.S. each day. Trucks can be more dangerous than other automobiles because of their size and weight. However, truck drivers are expected to take precautions to ensure the safety of other drivers.

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