Trial Lawyers Cool

The Trial Lawyers Cool program is an original idea by attorney John Mininno to change the perception of attorneys in the public eye. Trial lawyers have been targeted by insurance companies and lobbyists as the “bad guys.”
However, throughout the history of our great country, they have been the leaders in assuring justice for individuals who have been injured by or deprived rights from the government, tobacco companies, asbestos makers and polluters. Their efforts have promoted safety and protected the environment. They are huge supporters of local, state and national organizations that help people “do good.”

Legal Essay Scholarship Contest

Our pilot program for Trial Lawyers Cool is an essay contest for South Jersey high school students. Applicants will be required to write an 800-word essay on the topic, “Why Plaintiff’s Trial Lawyers Are Good for Society.” One lucky student will receive a $500 scholarship sponsored by The Mininno Law Office.
All essays will be published on The Mininno Law Office staff and readers will be able to vote for their favorite essay. The winner will be chosen on or about May 1, 2010.

Our Trial Lawyers Cool program aims to show that most trial lawyers “are cool.” They often do good deeds that go unnoticed. This contest is a great opportunity for a student to win a scholarship, but we also hope it will be a learning experience for everyone who gets involved.
If your school is interested in participating, please call our office at (856) 833-0600.

Do you want to get involved in Trial Lawyers Cool?

This program is a community initiative and we hope everyone will be a part of it. If you have questions, we’d be happy to answer them. Call us at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey or (215) 567-2380 in Pennsylvania.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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