Safety Advocacy

Here at the Mininno Law Office, attorney John Mininno is aware of issues and policies regarding health care and safety. In order to increase awareness about these very important topics, we frequently write letters to local publications and politicians.
Here are some of the recent letters we’ve written.

Topic: Ensign Amendment
Politician: Senator Frank R. Lautenberg
Date: February 2010
Summary: Attorney John Mininno thanked Senator Lautenberg for his support for patient rights. His vote, along with 65 other politicians, ensured the Ensign Amendment would not pass. This was a great step in the right direction for people who needlessly suffer from medical malpractice.
Read the letter to Senator Lautenberg here.

Topic: Tort reform
Publication: Courier-Post
Date: September 2009
Summary: Attorney John Mininno defines tort reform as lobbying groups like corporate nursing homes trying to make deals to take away injured citizens’ rights in court. He says taking away these rights will not improve health care. Instead, he thinks these groups should help promote patient safety.
Read attorney John Mininno’s letter to the Courier-Post here.

Topic: Legal side effects
Publication: Scientific American
Date: May 2009
Summary: A few months ago, Scientific American magazine raised a question wondering what happened to the universal flu vaccine. A reader commented on the legal side effects of the vaccine, and attorney John R. Mininno responded with his expertise on the matter.
Read his letter to Scientific American magazine here.

Topic: Tort reform
Publication: Star-Ledger
Date: June 2008
Summary: After reading an Op/Ed piece claiming that tort reform would spark the local economy, attorney John Mininno responded. He provided background information on the Pacific Research Institute to help people better understand PRI’s role in tort reform. He encouraged reporters to dig deeper.
Read attorney John Mininno’s letter to the Star-Ledger here.

Public Safety Resources

Car safety for kids

As a parent and trial lawyer, attorney John Mininno is always thinking about safety for kids. For any parent, it’s a top priority. Whether it’s at home, at the playground, or in the car, parents want to know how to keep their children safe.
Here’s an article that looks at car safety for kids and discusses the possibility of a national child auto-safety initiative.

Recall for play yards with bassinets

In December 2009, roughly 213,000 Safety 1st Disney Care Center Play Yards and Eddie Bauer Complete Care Play Yards were recalled. No injuries were reported at the time, but there was concern over possible suffocation hazards.
Read more about the recall from a blogger at the Chicago Tribune.

Toyota recall

In February 2010, the Toyota recall was all over the news. On Feb. 9, Toyota officially recalled more than 400,000 Prius cars, which is the best-selling hybrid in the world. Roughly 8.5 million total vehicles were recalled including the Camry. Brake problems were cited as the main cause of the recall.
To learn more about what vehicles have been recalled, read an article from the Business Journal here.

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