Ask for nose spray to lessen infection risk if you're having surgery

Sometimes the simplest solutions are “right under our nose.”
The risk of infection is one of the most common and well-known risks associated with any surgery. For years, doctors and hospitals have cooked up various ways to lessen infection risk and eradicate the bacteria and bugs that seem to thrive in hospitals and operating rooms.

Until now, these efforts have only marginally reduced the rate of infections following surgery. The staph bacterium has been particularly troublesome.

How can the risk of infection be reduced?

Research shows that the staff bacterium is the most common cause of infections following surgery. Now, researchers have discovered a safe and easy method to dramatically reduce surgical site infections by 40 to 60 percent.
These findings, published in the January 7, 2010 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine reveal that bathing patients with an antiseptic followed by squirting a medicated ointment up a patient’s noses can dramatically cut the rate of dangerous staph infections following surgery.

Can we really lessen infection risk?

At last, we have a simple solution for this difficult problem. Please remember, patients should be their own “patient safety advocate”. Speak up for your health. The next time you or a loved one requires surgery, ask your surgeon for the nose spray and bath. Your risk of infection will be reduced dramatically.

If your surgeon won’t agree with your request, you may want to find a new surgeon. That’s your right. Better yet, print out this blog and the article from the New England Journal of Medicine and give it to your surgeon. Chances are, you’ll get the bath and the nose spray.

What if the worst should happen?

We hope your surgery is a success and infection free. But, if something does go wrong during or following a surgery, call a New Jersey medical malpractice attorney who can answer your questions on surgical errors and complications.
You and your loved ones deserve safety and proper care. Our experienced civil trial lawyers are always available to help. Call (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey or (215) 567-2380 in Pennsylvania.

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