Birth Defects Usually Require Surgery

Newborn babies are fragile and delicate, especially in their first few years. If your newborn baby has suffered a birth injury, such as a craniofacial abnormality or cleft lip, he or she will often require numerous surgeries. These surgeries will unfortunately begin at a very early age. Topamax, a well known migraine medication, has been shown to increase the likelihood of birth defects, like cleft lip or palate, when taken during pregnancy.

Numerous Surgeries May be on the Horizon

new jersey philadelphia Birth Defects attorneys require surgeryMost children with these birth defects require a first, initial surgery as early as 3 months. These surgeries are often invasive and require tedious work on behalf of the plastic surgeon. This initial surgery is crucial to preventing disease from forming in the exposed region of the cleft lip, and to providing a healthier dentition. This preliminary surgery helps restore the actual structure of the face.

The following surgeries are necessary to provide cosmetic alterations to the damage that comes with the birth defect. These surgeries will seal the damage done by the cleft lip, which will leave a scar, and a need for more cosmetic surgery to properly repair the Cupid ’s bow (the curve of the upper lip) which will create a natural distance between the newly formed lip and the nose. Depending on the severity of the cleft, your child may require further surgery on the nose in order to create symmetry between the two nostrils. These follow-up surgeries occur later in the child’s life. However, the numerous surgeries can be rigorous and demanding on a young infant’s health. It is important to have the child under the care of several, qualified health professionals. Mothers of a newborn baby with a cleft lip will have a consultation shortly after the child’s birth to discuss options, alternatives, and the path of treatment for your specific child.

Birth Defects Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

If your child was recently born with a birth defect that you believe may be attributed to your use of Topamax during pregnancy, you probably have some questions. Please contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation, or call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

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