Birth Injury Attorneys Sue Texas Hospital For Negligence

new jersey philadelphia birth injury attorneys sue texas hospital negligenceThe Columbia Medical Center of McKinney (MCM) in McKinney, Texas is being sued by birth injury attorneys for releasing and sending home a pregnant woman while she was in labor. Plaintiff Wendy Cherry filed the birth injury lawsuit in February, seeking compensation for damages related to her early release that forced her to deliver her daughter Emma at home.

Cherry reported to MCM on February 4th, the day she had gone into active labor. She told staff members she was suffering from a “sudden onset of severe pelvic pain.” She requested treatment for the symptoms, but was released without a proper medical screening, and without being stabilized.

Upon her return home, her labor continued, and she eventually gave birth, fortunately, with the help of EMT’s. The delayed delivery resulted in injury to her daughter Emma, and Cherry and her attorneys believe that had she been properly cared for at the hospital, no injuries would have been sustained. Plaintiff seeks damages for medical expenses, past and future pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of familial consortium, and physical impairment.

Birth Injury Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

To think that a hospital staff could not recognize that a pregnant woman was in labor is quite scary. The Columbia Medical Center failed miserably in it’s duty to provide safe and attentive care to it’s patients. The fact that Wendy Cherry was so quickly discharged and sent home to give birth in her house is shocking and, to a certain extent, confusing. How is it that no one thought that a pregnant woman suffering a “sudden onset of severe pelvic pain” was in labor? Hospitals have become frightening places, and something must be done to assure that the care they are providing is in indeed the best they can provide.

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