Buyer beware: Toy safety for kids not first on jewelry makers’ minds

As we watch our children at play, our main concern is always safety. Some might think that if a toy store sells a product, it must be safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. When manufacturers can sacrifice toy safety for kids to save a buck or two, some are willing to do it. A recent article by the Associated Press reminds us that some people lie to parents and deceive children just to pad their bank accounts. In other words, don’t judge a book by its cover.

What do I need to know about toy safety for kids?

In Yiwu, China, a jewelry shop manager said something to the AP that might surprise you. He Huihua, manager of the Suiyuan Jewelry Shop at International Trade City in Yiwu, was asked what he thought about the health risks associated with cadmium and other toxic metals. His response: “I can’t be overly concerned about that.”

Buyer beware. Honestly, that’s like an oily used car salesman who tries to sell you a shiny paint job on a used vehicle with a busted engine and says, “Well, at least it works.” This kind of thing should make you think twice before you buy something again. Stores like the Suiyuan Jewelry Shop have one goal: cash over kids. They’ll do whatever it takes to make more money, and that includes selling poison to kids. The main material called into question is called cadmium. It’s a toxic metal that causes cancer. Why would someone sell a product made with a toxic material? Put simply, money talks, and you know what walks. In a difficult economic time where stores are closing and many others are losing money, some people will push moral standards aside and put out unsafe products. They simply don’t care.

What is the government doing about toy safety for kids?

The Chinese government is looking into the AP report to check the validity of the claim. This could be a big problem for China because the U.S. is a huge market. Think about it: How many toys have you seen with “Made in China” on the bottom? In the U.S., Wal-Mart pulled products off shelves that were mentioned in the report.

Where can I find more information about toy safety for kids?

The Toy Industry Association, Inc. is a great resource on toy safety for kids and other related issues. Click here to visit the TIA website. Another resource is

Always think of toy safety for kids first. When you buy something for your children, we encourage you to get as much information about the product and the manufacturer as possible. Talk to store managers, read the small print. Do whatever is necessary to make sure your children can play safe.

Do you have questions or answers about unsafe products?

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