Chamber of Commerce: Business As Usual at a Theater Near You

In what seems to be an endless bombardment of spin campaigns, the chamber of commerce has now cracked into the movie business, by releasing a trailer to be shown in Washington, D.C. area theatres. Titled’ “The Faces of Lawsuit Abuse,” The Chamber has once again launched an attack against the world’s best legal system in an attempt to shield their exclusive members from lawsuits.

By shamelessly exaggerating isolated issues of what some would call questionable legal practices, the chamber is attempting to invalidate the entire civil legal system of the United States. Although they insist that their goal is to protect everyday citizens from greedy trial attorneys, the truth is that this campaign is just a new phase of their longstanding credo that negligent corporations should never be held accountable. Period.

The consequences of the chamber reaching their goal would be disastrous. Throughout American history, the legal system has combated against the corporate structure and won the right to protect its citizens from the profit driven manufacturers of today’s modern society. From the food we eat, to the toys our children play with, all products sold to consumers today would not be nearly as safe as they are if it were not for the modern legal system. If the Chamber had its way, parents would have never been able to sue when a defective crib killed their child, veterans of Vietnam would not have been compensated for their exposure to deadly toxic agents, and citizens would have never been properly warned of the dangers of tobacco.

The irony of it all is, that while the Chamber doesn’t want everyday Americans to use the legal system, they are actually one of the biggest lawsuit-filers in Washington. Except in their case, Chamber sues on behalf of Wall Street banks, oil companies, and lead paint manufacturers.

Let the government know how you feel about this immoral attack on the best legal system in the world. Write to your local and state representatives and let them know that you do not want the Chamber of Commerce walking on our constitution in order to protect the wallets of its contributors.

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