Cleft Lip a Possible Side Effect of Topamax Use During Pregnancy

Migraine headaches have a drastic effect on many people, including the family and friends of those who suffer from sudden attacks. Daily life and activities can be dramatically altered when people fear the onset of a migraine. Topamax has been a common and effective form of relief for the many people who suffer from frequent and painful migraines. Although Topamax has been highly successful for an extensive customer base, pregnant women should seek alternative medications. The popular pharmaceutical drug has been linked to birth defects, including cleft lip, when taken during pregnancy.

Migraines Can Alter Lives

new jersey philadelphia birth defects attorneys cleft lip migraines side effectsThose who suffer from migraines understand exactly how debilitating they can be. Headaches can be extremely draining, especially when people are constantly awaiting their arrival. It is not uncommon for people to constantly think about when the next migraine will strike and how it will hinder their lifestyle. It is also extremely inconvenient to be forced to change plans at a moments notice . Therefore, it may be in the best interest of those who suffer from migraines to lay out certain contingency plans.

It can also be extremely stressful to be forced to avoid certain foods and enjoyable environments simply due to the fear of potentially bringing about a migraine. This constant cost-benefit analysis regarding potential migraine triggers can significantly alter lifestyles and make easy activities into insurmountable chores. It is important that people seek reliable medical advice and medication to limit the effect that migraines have on their daily lives.

Topamax should not be the first choice of pregnant women who suffer from extreme headaches. Due to the fact that there are many strong alternatives, the threat of birth defects, such as cleft lip or cleft palate, are far too dangerous for women to use Topamax during pregnancy.

Cleft Lip Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

If you were recently pregnant and your child was born with cleft lip or other oral malformations, it is possible that you have questions regarding your use of Topamax. Please contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation, or call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

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