DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers Discuss MDL Chief – Judge Katz

As New Jersey and Pennsylvania DePuy hip recall lawyers, we posted many times regarding the ongoing multi-district litigation pending in federal court in Ohio. As you know from previous posts, this multi-district litigation (“MDL”) has consolidated all the DePuy hip recall lawsuits which were filed in federal courts. In this post, we are going to give some background about Judge David Katz, the federal judge who now is presiding over these federal cases.

Judge Katz Highly Experienced with MDL

new jersey philadelphia depuy hip recall lawyers discuss MDL chief judge katzJudge Katz will be a welcome addition to the multi-district litigation of DePuy hip recalls. This is not the first time that he has handled a complex MDL. In the past, Judge Katz presided over litigation involving the contraceptive Ortho Evra. In that matter, the Judge received favorable approval ratings from both the defendants and the plaintiffs who brought the claim. In addition, Judge Katz’ background makes him an ideal candidate for DePuy hip recall litigation.

According to his bio, Judge Katz, an Ohio native, graduated from the Buckeye School of Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s Degree and also received his JED Degree in 1957. After law school, Judge Katz worked mostly in private practice in the city of Toledo, before being appointed to the bench by Judge Clinton in 1994. All DePuy hip recall litigants should welcome Judge Katz as the presiding judge for this litigation. By all counts, he is fair-minded and will give all recall victims an opportunity to seek justice in federal court.

As New Jersey and Philadelphia DePuy hip recall lawyers, we will continue to provide updates on the MDL and any state court DePuy hip recall litigation.

DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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