Elder Abuse Leads to Severe Weight Loss and Bed Sores

Robert Rogers, 44, was arrested this month for the elder abuse of his mother Connie Rogers, 66, who died on May 27, 2011. He is being charged with manslaughter and vulnerable adult abuse. Connie Rogers, who was living with her son, was bedridden and completely dependent. Moments before his arrest, Robert Rogers told a reporter that his mother had died of natural causes, he said:

“She died in the living room — watching a movie … She was thin but she had been thin along time. I’d get her Burger King and McDonald’s whatever she wanted…I wanted her to live.”

Woman Died in Messy Home Too Weak to Move

new jersey philadelphia elder abuse lawyers robert rogers malnutrition bedsoresEven though he is claiming that she died of natural causes, the investigators are saying that she died of starvation while covered in bed sores. The autopsy showed she died of severe pneumonia, malnutrition and possibly dehydration. They are also saying that the house was messy and the only food was two cans in the cabinet. According to her driver’s license, Ms. Rogers weighed 140 pounds, but at the time of her death, she weighed only 70 pounds. The coroner said the bed sores were severe and all over her body and that the sores on her feet meant that she was too weak to move her legs. More than a third of the home’s combined monthly income of $3,500< came from Connie’s social security. According to bank records, that money was usually withdrawn as cash days after it was deposited. Mr. Rogers may have had good intentions for his mother’s care, but this is no excuse for the severe elder abuse that occurred. Even if she refused to eat or was difficult to care for, he should have known the point where he needed the professional help. There is no record of Ms. Rogers applying for or receiving any Medicare benefits. This means that he did not take advantage of a service that could have improved her condition drastically and allowed her to live much longer.

Elder Abuse Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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