FDA Officials Get Performance Bonuses for Salmonella, Toxic Dog Food and Heparin?

In a surprising report drafted for the House Energy and Commerce Committee, $35 million in bonuses were paid out in 2007 to top FDA officials– which is a 29% increase from the previous year.

My question is, what part of the FDA’s performance in 2007 was bonus worthy?  Was it the toxic dog food that killed hundreds of pets (take a look at pure balance food review for more on this tragedy and how to avoid it by dealing with a reputable supplier) or the lead paint toys sold to small children as a result of shoddy inspections?  Or maybe it was the contaminated Heparin from China that has been linked to 81 deaths and 700 injuries nationwide?

In the real world (meaning the world outside of “big pharma”), that kind of job performance or track record would have led to pay deductions, if not job termination a long time ago.  To award performance bonuses for such negligence and carelessness is just absurd in my opinion.

Clearly the $35 million in bonuses would have been better spent on plant inspectors or scientific researchers that can catch dangerous drugs before they hit the market.  Instead, our health is put on the back burner so that top FDA officials can be compensated for all of their “hard work.”

Thankfully, the House Energy and Commerce Committee is investigating this ridiculous bonus system, especially since the FDA continues to cry poor when asked about the safety blunders of 2007.  It’s time for someone (anyone at this point) to step in and whip the FDA back into shape—our health depends on it!

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