Is your Teen Safe Driving Their Own Car?

Many teens especially in this country consider it a right to have their own car when they are old enough to drive and have passed their test. A new study reported by MSNNBC,  from researchers at a Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia and State Farm Insurance Companies though finds that one in four teens that drive their own cars are more likely to get in an accident than those that share a car. This study also found that parents who set clear rules and guidelines about driving are less likely to get into a car accident. This is why it is important both as a parent and a teen to know about driving safety and to know the rules and guidelines you should follow as a teen driver. Some of these rules may include:

  • Signing a contract with a parent about responsible driving

Signing a contract with parents will let both teens and parents know the rules and guidelines and are prepared to face the consequences if that contract is broken.

  • Choosing a car that your teen can handle driving

Choosing a car that is the right size and type for your teen and one that have received plenty of practice on and know how to use will help make them safer.

  •  Not using a cell phone while driving

Cell phones being used while driving just create more distractions and result in even more accidents than those that do not use cell phones while driving.

  • Not allowing Teens to have passengers at night

More accidents can happen at night with teens and it is a good idea to eliminate more distractions but not having passengers after 9pm.

  • Making  sure Teens have plenty of sleep before Driving

If your teen has not gotten plenty of sleep and rest before driving, have them ride with a group or offer to take them where they need to go.

These tips for both teen drivers and their parents, can help make for less teen driver statistics and help your teen not to be that one in four teens in a car accident.


For additional information on teen driving safety, you may visit:

If you or your teen driver has been in a car accident and feel you may need your rights heard, please contact a personal injury attorney right away. They will help you get your rights heard and the care you deserve.

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