Medical Malpractice Attorneys Disagree With Physician ‘Gag Orders’

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys disagree physician gag ordersA Gag Order is a legal term used to describe an order issued by a judge that prohibits the release of information concerning a legal matter to the public, for fear that such an action may prejudice or influence a trial’s outcome. Lately, medical providers have been issuing their own kind of gag order, prohibiting their patients from utilizing physician rating websites to rate the treatment they received, or the experience they had. And while medical malpractice remains a huge concern, limiting patient access to first hand accounts of medical negligence seems counter-productive.

As a patient, it’s hard to see any legitimate reason that a doctor wouldn’t want his quality of care discussed, other than the fact that it could be considered poor. Also as patients, we often feel a responsibility to refer our friends and family to good doctors, and veer them away from bad ones. By forcing patients to sign agreements that they won’t divulge their experiences, physicians are taking away much needed assistance when it comes to choosing doctors.

The ratings and comments on these sites always seem to be consistent, and patients often find common ground in their accounts. Obviously, doctors are afraid of what will come of their practices when a steady stream of bad reviews surface on sites like Rate MD’s, Health Grades, and Vitals. Personally, I would never agree to sign anything that prohibited me from being openly honest about my experiences with any physician. I urge you to consider the same.

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