Medical Malpractice News: Cincinnati Man Sues Doctor for Unnecessary Castration

A Cincinnati, Ohio man is suing his doctor after what he claims to be an “unnecessary partial castration.”  He is seeking damages against the doctor, Gary M. Kirsh, M.D., for lack of informed consent, battery and medical malpractice.

Apparently, Stephen M. Kosti was admitted to the hospital after experiencing pain in his groin. At his doctor’s recommendation, he underwent an exploration of the scrotum to find the problem. Dr. Kirsh then deicded to remove one testicle because he claimed it may have been cancerous and only his patient would only have six more months to live.

Just a few days after the surgery, Kosti sought a second opinion from an oncologist.  The oncologist preformed a PET scan and determined that the testicle was not cancerous in the first place.  As a result, Kosti is claiming damages for lost wages, additional medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental and physical anguish and loss of enjoyment of life.

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3 thoughts on “Medical Malpractice News: Cincinnati Man Sues Doctor for Unnecessary Castration”

  1. What a frightening story! It was even painful to read. There had to be some good reason the doctor found to think it was cancerous, I pray. Not that its a laughing matter, but I guess its better to err on the side of safety…

  2. Hi Marc– thanks for your comment! I’m torn on this story too and curious to find out some more information on it. But for everyone’s sake, I hope he had a good reason for what he did as well!

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