Medical Malpractice Takes Life of 37 Year Old Man

Medical malpractice attorneys won a 1.2 million dollar verdict for 3 children who lost their father to medical malpractice.

Narcotic Overdose in ER

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers duragesic patch chad adersChad Aders, 37, was prescribed a Duragesic patch in the ER by Dr. Bryan Lilly in July of 2004. The patch contains a very potent narcotic called Fentanyl that enters the bloodstream through the skin. Dr. Lilly prescribed 75 micrograms of the drug which is well over the manufacturer’s reccomendations. Aders took the prescription to the drug store, got it filled, applied the patch as he was told, and went to bed. He was found dead in his bed the following day. His children were seven, eight, and seventeen.

Lilly’s trial lasted four days, and the jury spend 58 minutes deliberating before they returned a $1,206,394.72 verdict.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

Dr. Lilly’s mistake cost a man his life, and three young children their father. Narcotics are a very dangerous category of drugs and the fact that Dr. Lilly wasn’t more aware of the possible effects of such a high dosage is appalling. Had he acted with more attentively, perhaps this horrible tragedy never would have taken place.

So often in the ER, physicians are rushing and make wrong decisions in haste. Emergency rooms can be crowded and chaotic, but a doctor must be able to ignore the chaos and treat patients adequately. Too often, simple errors take lives.

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