The North Carolina medical board is seeking to post medical malpractice information online as a way to “protect people from troubled doctors.” This proposal stems from a new state law, which requires disclosure of medical malpractice information at the board’s discretion. If the board approves this plan on June 30th, North Carolina will be come the 23rd state to offer medical malpractice information to the public.

Obviously, North Carolina doctors are fighting this proposal. The N.C medical society states that the proposal is “unfair” and should not include medical malpractice settlement information prior to June 30th. They argue that some doctors only settle for “business reasons”, and may not have done this if they knew the information would be made public and held against them.

The board, however, has proposed measures to keep the disclosure of information fair to doctors and the public alike. The board would keep private the actual settlement amounts, as well as the identity of the patient that filed the suit. Doctors will also have the opportunity to leave a comment beneath the post to explain the reason for the lawsuit and settlement in their own words.

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