Medical Malpractice Caps Proposed in Florida

A legislative proposal made in Florida last week suggests a cap on payments made to patients who are insured by medicare and injured by medical malpractice. The cap would be $100,000 and has been referred to by many as “immunity” for negligent doctors.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Protect Medicare Patients

medical malpractice attorneys new jersey philadelphia caps proposed floridaThe proposed legislation would deem doctors treating medicare patients “agents of the state,” awarding the same damage capping immunity that all Florida state employees get. But a cap that only affects the recoveries of Medicare insured patients is unconstitutional, as it makes them lesser persons, unworthy of the same compensation as those that can afford healthcare. Medical malpractice attorneys have long been against limiting liability, as it allows doctors to only answer for a portion of their negligence. And if a cap on medicare insured patients is approved, who is to say what kind of an effect that will have on the care they receive throughout the state. It certainly opens up a potential for medicare patients to begin receiving subpar care due to the limited liablity doctors will face.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

Medical malpractice is a real threat to anyone being treated by medical professionals. As patients, we trust our doctors and nurses to provide us with the best, most professional and safe care that they can. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and patients pay for doctors’ mistakes. Caps on this liability will only further injure patients who have suffered from the effects of medical malpractice, be it temporarily or permanently. Those who have lost loved ones to medical malpractice, especially children who lose parents, will need full and fair compensation to continue on with their lives.

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