Nursing Home Abuse Leads to Fractured Arm

Nursing home abuse is a growing problem. The nursing homes and long-term care facilities need to be more careful in choosing the caregivers that they hire, as it requires a special kind of person to care for the elderly. They need to be skilled and trained in the field, but they also need to have an incredible amount of patience for this kind of work. Many cases of abuse and neglect occur because caregivers lose their temper and take out their anger on the vulnerable elderly patient. No matter how frustrated or angry the caregiver gets with the patient, touching or hitting them in a forceful manor is never acceptable and should not be tolerated by the administrators of the facility.

Certified Nursing Assistant Breaks Patient’s Arm

nursing home abuse in NJ and PAA certified nursing assistant at the Fieldston Lodge Care Center in the Bronx, New York was attempting to treat an elderly female resident on January 2, 2011 with incontinence care when the resident resisted. The certified nursing assistant then grabbed the woman’s arm and twisted, causing the bone to fracture. The nursing home did not document the incident in the daily report and did not perform an x-ray on the victim until the next morning.

Man-handling a patient is unquestionably abuse. The facility also did not appropriately handle the incident. The first step should have been the care of the resident, followed by an accurate documentation of the incident.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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