Nursing Home Neglect: No Care for Elderly Man Following Fall

Augustana Health Care Center, in Hasting Minnesota, was recently cited for abuse, causing the home to take corrective measures and re-educate their current employees. The Minnesota Department of Health Facility Complaints office stated that the nursing home neglectoccurred when staff did not assess, monitor, and treat” a man shortly following a fall. The duty and urgency of these employees should have been even more clear because in the present case, the “signs and symptoms indicated a head injury“.

Man Passes Away Two Days Following Injury

new jersey philadelphia Nursing Home Neglect lawyers Augustana Health Care CenterA man fell at the health care center but did not receive proper treatment which led to his death. The report issued by the Department of Health Facility Complaints office stated that the man had a “large hematoma, approximately four centimeters by three centimeters, on his left forehead.” The man was not examined until thirty minutes after he sustained the injury and no vital signs or neurological tests were administered in the hours following the accident. Four hours after the fall, when the proper tests were finally conducted, the man’s vital signs were anything but stable and he was no longer responsive. He was then transferred to the hospital and died a mere two days after the initial accident. The death certificate stated that the death was caused by a massive intracranial hemorrhage. Nursing home neglect is far more prevalent than should be the case and it is essential that in the event of abuse or mistreatment, the proper authorities are notified as soon as possible.

Nursing Home Neglect in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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