Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Tennessee Moves to Damages Cap

Insurers in the state of Tennessee who cover healthcare providers will not be paying out less money in medical malpractice suits. Tennessee passed new laws earlier this month which put into place caps and limitations on malpractice awards and also stated that insurers will not longer be liable under the consumer protection laws. Medical malpractice attorneys will now be faced with the uphill battle of fighting for the proper compensation for clients within the limited amounts allowed by law. Non-Economic, Punitive, and Catastrophic Damages All Capped Governor Bill Haslam made no secrets about his agenda to considerably limit the civil … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Try to Settle on Behalf of Bereaved Family

Michael Notarangeli is the executor of the estate of Elaine Notarangeli, a Massachusetts woman who was 72 years old when she passed away. The family urges that the delay in diagnosis and treatment of a necrotic bowel led to the woman’s death. Necrotic bowel occurs when there is a lack of blood flow to the region. The family agreed to attempt to negotiate an out of court settlement through mediation with the defendants, including Lakes Region General Hospital, as well as several other doctors. Medical malpractice attorneys generally attempt to settle cases more frequently than they take them to trial in order to provide compensation for their … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Win Deceased Man’s Family $2.5 Million Verdict

Lawrence Dixon was only 59 years old when he passed away. His death was due, in part, to his physician’s failure to properly diagnose his condition and recognize that he was suffering hemorrhagic shock. Medical malpractice attorneys witnessed a Maryland jury award the deceased’s family $2.5 million in money damages. Dixon’s estate and his wife were each awarded one million dollars in non-economic damages while each of his two children are set to collect a quarter of a million dollars each. Unfortunately, due to a cap in Maryland on non-economic damages, the award total is likely to be cut all the way down to $812,500. Two Days after … [Read more...]

Bed Sore Attorneys Advise: It’s All in The Family

Tiffany Duthu, a 35 year-old woman, was found guilty of neglecting her paralyzed mother, Clara. Clara Duthu passed away due to untreated bed sores which soon became infected. Now, the daughter faces up to fifteen years in prison after being convicted of cruelty and negligent homicide. Bed Sore lawyers discovered that Tiffany is the second family member who has been charged in this death already. Her father, Joseph, is currently serving a two year sentence in prison, while another daughter, Tessie Breaux is scheduled to go on trial later in 2011. Woman Lived in Horrid Conditions Prior to Death Clara Duthu passed away at Leonard J. … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Man Sues Doctor for Amputating Penis

Phillip Seaton, a sixty one year old man from Kentucky, went to Dr. John Patterson for a routine circumcision to relieve inflammation. Medical malpractice attorneys say that Seaton is now suing his former doctor after this routine procedure turned into an amputation of his penis. Seaton claims that he never gave the doctor permission to go through with the amputation and he was not given a chance to consult with another doctor for a second opinion. The key question that medical malpractice attorneys believe will be answered in litigation is whether a doctor can remove an organ or a limb if he or she believes it will be life saving. Doctor … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Maine Supreme Court Makes Landmark Ruling

Medical malpractice attorneys believe that a recent decision by the Supreme Court of Maine will now, for the first time, allow patients to bring medical malpractice lawsuits that extend beyond the statute of limitations period. This could have a dramatic impact on cases that involve misdiagnosis or treatment by doctors who continue to see patients over a long period of time. Unlike a botched surgery, where the statute of limitations begins running almost immediately, when a doctor negligently diagnoses and treats a patient over a period of time, the limitations period to bring a lawsuit is now extended. Sustained Medical Negligence in … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Neglect: Recognizing the Warning Signs

Today in the United States, there are more than one million elderly individuals living in nursing home establishments. Most families resort to nursing homes because their loved ones require moderate to extensive assistance with basic needs and medical care; care that they can no longer provide. The biggest problem in nursing homes, however, is neglect. These basic needs and medical care that should be provided consistently and in conjunction with a doctor's orders are neglected, or not carried out correctly. Annually, there are over 20,000 complaints of nursing home neglect, which represents only a fraction of the total instances, as recent … [Read more...]

Birth Defects Attorneys: Popular Migraine Med Effective but Dangerous

Topamax is a very popular pharmaceutical drug that is used in treating migraines and epilepsy. Although it has been shown to be extremely effective, birth defects attorneys warn that pregnant women should steer clear of its use. Recent studies have reported that use of Topamax during pregnancy has led to an increased chance of babies born with birth defects, such as cleft lip and cleft palate. Why has Topamax been so Popular in Treating Migraines? Topamax is not like many other migraine medications and this may shed light on its popularity. As opposed to taking the medicine as soon as headache pain begins, Topamax is taken daily which helps … [Read more...]

Birth Defect Attorneys: Problems with Hearing

The problems surrounding Topamax have been widely publicized in the recent months. The epilepsy and migraine headache medication has been linked to birth defects, such as cleft lip and cleft palate, when taken by women during pregnancy. Aside from the oral malformation, young babies may also experience a number of other significant health problems in their early years. One of the paramount dangers iS potential hearing problems or total hearing loss in young children. Birth defect attorneys stress the importance of seeking medical assistance as soon as possible. Hearing Impairment Possible in Children with Cleft Lip and Palate After a child … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Negligent Air Force Medical Staff

Five months following a federal appeals court ruling, which affirmed a lower court's ruling, the United States government was forced to pay a $7.5 million award. The 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals in California affirmed the 2008 ruling which awarded Deborah Rutledge and her husband, retired Master Sgt. Thomas Rutledge, damages due to the negligence of Air Force medical staff. Medical malpractice attorneys say that Deborah was left disabled after medical professionals failed to properly diagnose a herniated spinal disk, back in 2004. Failures to Properly Examine and Provide Treatment Leave Woman Disabled Deborah Rutledge was experiencing … [Read more...]