PA Bar Association Claims Medical Malpractice Crisis of 2002 Resolved

The Pennsylvania Bar Association’s reforms for the resolution of the “medical malpractice crisis” of 2002 have proven successful, reports local newspapers this morning (The Patriot) The report was conducted by Duke University.

Compensation for claims of medical malpractice dropped almost $50 million alone in 2004. Most seem elated at the smaller number of claims of medical malpractice in Pennsylvania state court – most of the doctors that is. The staggering statistics in the report, such as how there were a thousand less medmal claims filed in state court in 2005 than in 2000, only portray fewer cases and not an increase in the quality of medical care provided. And as mentioned before, less rewards for claimants were granted by state courts yearly. So, obviously, the crisis is over.

These results should probably be explained more clearly, because my confusion is yet to be resolved. By making sure doctors get sued less for their inability to apply the appropriate standard of care for the patient, it surely appears the crisis is resolved. Well done, PA.

Furthermore, once the tragedy of a doctor’s inability to apply the appropriate standard of care for the patient has transpired, we may only collect limited financial compensation, because compensatory rewards were also part of the crisis. Thanks PA.

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