Simple and Cheap Ways to Prevent Bedsores in Nursing Homes

As a New Jersey nursing home abuse lawyer, we bedsore prevention and how some nursing homes are now using a “team” approach to actively fight this problem. My absolute favorite quote from the another Nursing home abuse advocate is “preventing bedsores is a 24/7/365 kind of job.” Duh! Of course it is! The question is why most nursing homes don”t see things from that perspective?

A lawyer who represents cliens with bed sores, pressure ulcers and sees other kinds of nursing home abuse, we are happy when we see some nursing homes and long term care facilities finding “creative, low-tech solutions” being implemented by nursing homes to fight bedsores. Some homes that have developed a simple team approach to keep residents constantly moving to avoid pressure sores:

  1. Laundry workers now make sure resident”s clothes fit properly and are not restricting the skin;
  2. The Kitchen staff has added protein powder in their cookie mix to boost nutrition. They have also changed their food service to buffet rather than sit down dining to encourage residents to keep moving; and
  3. The beauty shop now repositions clients as they are getting their hair done to prevent sitting in one position for too long.

These changes are so simple, yet extremely effective. And they don”t require any extra technology or funding for nursing homes and is a great example of how to use technology to the resident”s advantage. As a New Jersey Nursing home abuse lawyer, we also encourage nursing home to purchase mattresses made with high-density foam to reduce pressure on key areas. They also use special moisture blocking creams on incontinent patients to help reduce prolonged urine contact with the skin.

Again, these are simple, yet effective ways to reduce bedsores in nursing home residents. All they require is a little bit of effort and a little bit of creativity. And while these suggestions may not completely reduce incidents of bedsores, I think families would feel much better knowing that the facility is truly taking an aggressive approach in caring for their loved one.

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