Birth Injury Lawyers: A FDA Warning For Pregnant Women

new jersey philadelphia birth injury lawyers warning pregnant woman taking antipsychoticsThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration, (FDA), recently updated labeling for antipsychotics to alert female users in their third trimester of pregnancy that use of the drugs could have adverse effects on their fetuses, causing birth injuries or defects. A few of the drugs now displaying the warning label include Risperdal, Seroquel and Invega. The drugs are used to treat mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, or depression.

A statement released by the FDA said:

“Healthcare professionals should be aware of the effects of antipsychotic medications on newborns when the medications are used during pregnancy. Patients should not stop taking these medications if they become pregnant without talking to their healthcare professional, as abruptly stopping antipsychotic medications can cause significant complications for treatment.”

Birth Injury Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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