Why is DePuy’s Recall different from other Recalls?

What makes DePuy’s recall different than other recalls? Many people have questions regarding DePuy Orthopaedics’ August 2010 recall of the ASR XL Acetabular Hip Replacement System. If you are not one of the 93,000 patients affected by the DePuy hip implant recall , you may ask, “what’s the big deal?

DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers Explain DePuy Recall

There are product recalls every day and rarely do these recalls spark lawsuits. But the DePuy recall is expected to result in thousands and thousands of lawsuits. What is the difference? The difference is that the recall is on a device that has already been fully implanted into 93,000 patients and medical research is showing that this implant can cause continual and future harm to those patients. Recalling a defective product such as a toaster, a child’s toy or even an automobile, is a much different circumstance. Unlike DePuy, those products can simply be recalled and the customer can get their money back.
However, with a defective hip, reimbursing the customer is simply not enough.

DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers Want Full Compensation for their Clients

new jersey philadelphia depuy hip recall lawyers full fair compensationThe medical research is showing that these hip implants need to be removed much sooner than traditional hip implants. In addition, because these recalled hips are shedding chromium and cobalt metals into the bloodstream, research suggests that these patients will have significant inflammation and injuries to surrounding tissues and structures. Who knows what long-term damage this metal will have on these patients. Finally, these chromium and cobalt metals are circulating with the patient’s bloodstream. Again, who knows what damage these metals will have on a patient’s circulatory system, the heart or the brain.

That’s why this hip recall is a serious medical problem for DePuy and for the 93,000 patients who have a DePuy. These claims should not be taken lightly. That’s why, as a DePuy hip recall lawyer, we believe it is very important that any person who has had a DePuy hip implant that is the subject of the recall should immediately consult with an attorney to find out all of their rights. Prompt treatment and medical care is essential to avoid any other longer-term problems associated with the DePuy hip recall. And without the help of a DePuy hip recall lawyer, you will not receive the full and fair compensation you are entitled to.

DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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DePuy Hip Implant – Was Yours Recalled?

As a New Jersey and Pennsylvania DePuy Hip Implant Recall lawyer, I receive many telephone calls from hip replacement patients. Many of these folks have done their own independent internet research and have seen numerous websites discussin different hip implants that have been recalled over the years. The most recent hip implant recall involves Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. DePuy Orthopaedics is a fully owned subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson that designs, manufactures, and markets orthopaedic and reconstructive hardware for the spine, knee, shoulders, and other joints. Not all of DePuy’s products are being recalled. At this stage, the only DePuy Hip Implant which is subject to the recall in the United States is the ASR XL Acetabular hip system. These hip replacement systems first became available in the summer of 2003 and were in use for approximately seven (7) years.

DePuy Hip Implant – How Will I Know If Mine is a Recalled Implant?

If you have had hip surgery before July 2003, then your hip implant is not part of the DePuy Hip Implant recall. However, if you have had surgery after July 2003 and your surgeon utilized a DePuy ASR XL Acetabular hip system, then your hip is subject to the DePuy hip implant recall. Many patients have already received information from Johnson & Johnson and DePuy regarding these recalled hip implants. However, the information provided by Johnson & Johnson and DePuy Orthopaedics does not provide the full scope of the remedies available to DePuy Hip Implant patients. In fact, as of this blog, neither Johnson & Johnson nor DePuy have made any commitment to paying compensation for pain & suffering, or the common compensatory damages that most defective product manufacturers are required to pay when they make, market, and/or sell a defective product.

DePuy Hip Implant Recall Lawyers in NJ and PA

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