Surveillance Video Captures Alarming Nursing Home Abuse

Jesse Joiner, guilty of Nursing Home Abuse
Jesse Joiner, 56, accused of nursing home abuse and theft at the William O. Benenson Rehab Center in Queens, NY.
A video of nursing home abuse captured by a hallway surveillance camera in a NewYork City nursing home has landed 56 year old nurse Jesse Joiner in jail on criminal charges . The nursing home abuse video shows Joiner leaving a medical cart to tend to a patient sitting in a wheelchair. What happens next is troubling. Joiner seems to jerk the wheel chair to the left, tossing Jane bills, the 85 year old resident with dementia,out of her chair and onto the floor. Then, Joiner simply walks away! She leaves the room for a small amount of time, and upon re-entering, ignores the patient again. She continues walking and leaves view of the camera a second time from a different exit. A male staff member enters the room a minute later, sees the patient on the floor, looks around, and leaves. Finally, Joiner and the male staff member re-enter, lift the resident off the floor, and sit her back in her chair. The resident suffered a broken hip.

Joiner’s attorney, who says he has not seen the video, claims that Joiner was not guilty of nursing home abuse, and that the patient caused her own fall; that Joiner went over to help the woman who then threw herself out of the chair. The video shows otherwise. Jesse Joiner has also been accused of stealing 2 dozen painkillers from the facility that same night.

The Dr. William O. Benenson Rehabilitation Pavillion, the nursing home where Joiner worked, is a 4 our of 5 star government rated facility, having only minor deficiencies in housekeeping and maintenance related areas. A spokesperson for the nursing home has called Joiner’s alleged deeds “unacceptable.” Joiner could face up to 7 years in prison.


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