Tylenol voluntarily recalls Some Medications due to Possible Contamination

Tylenol has recently decided to voluntarily recall more than a dozen infant and children’s medications due to possible contamination.  Bacteria was detected in one of the inactive ingredients and though it was not detected in the finished product, Tylenol decided to recall the products after consulting with the Food and Drug Administration as just a precaution.  B cepacia bacteria was detected in a portion of raw material that was not used in the finished product, but as a precaution Tylenol decided to pull any product containing this raw material from the shelves and recall it. These recalls were made between April and June of 2008 and include the following Tylenol products: Children’s Tylenol plus Cold MS suspension grape, Children’s Tylenol Suspension Grape, Children’s Tylenol Suspension Bubble Gum and Strawberry, Infant’s Suspension Drop 1 ounce grape, and Children’s Tylenol plus Cough and Runny Nose Cherry. The recall is only on liquid Tylenol products.

If you have questions about this recall, please call the McNeil Consumer Call Care Center at: 1-800-962-5357.

For more information about this and other recalls you may click here or here.

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