Medical Malpractice Caps Favor Insurance Companies Instead Of Protecting Injury Victims ran a story this morning about two medical malpractice lawyers in Louisiana. The lawyers are trying to fight the medical malpractice cap adopted by the State of Louisiana, one of twenty-five states to adopt such legislation. At simplest, these caps put a roof on the possible rewards for victims of medical malpractice. In Louisiana, and some other states, the cap is $500,000. In the case in which these two Louisiana lawyers are fighting the cap, a thirteen year-old girl, who had to have her leg amputated because of malpractice, was awarded by a jury of her peers around $3.5 million dollars. She cannot and will not receive … [Read more...]

Myth – Malpractice Insurance Premiums Driving Doctors Out of Business?

A new study that will appear in the May/June issue of the journal Health Affairs debunking the claims of the American Medical Association (AMA) and malpractice pundits in Washington that high malpractice insurance premiums are driving doctors out of business. The study reveals that medical malpractice rate have actually declined. Based on year 2000 dollars, mean malpractice premiums increased from $5,934 in 1970 to $20,106 in 1986, and then declined to $15,478 in 1996. Premiums rose from 1996 until the AMA discontinued the surveys in 2000, when mean premiums were $18,400, still lower than 1986, the study said. However, the study conceded … [Read more...]